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Chapter 1: black magic

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Full Moon Rite of the Oracle

The Full Moon Rite of the Oracle

According to information received from inside Damanhur we know that for certain ‘fuoriusciti’ (leavers) Airaudi has ordered black magic rituals to be carried out against them. This has been going on daily for quite some time with the hope of damaging those who have chosen to leave Damanhur and seriously discouraging other citizens from following suit.

To explain, for those who are not familiar with the subject, we can say that this is done according to the Damanhurian school of magic, with the lighting of colored candles. Texts are read in Italian or in a language taught in Damanhur called the ‘Sacred Language’, in front of a candle or a glass sphere or in other ways. All of this is carried out in certain places set aside for the purpose such as the ‘Baita’ the Temple of Humankind and Aval (the home of Airaudi).

These little games, like many others that Airaudi has used over the years to instill fear and terror inside the community are well known and familiar to many. For this reason we have decided to create a new Game of our own and play around a little with THE OTHER FACE OF DAMANHUR.

For this game we have chosen to publish a series of chapters. In these chapters (five are already completed) we will reveal the truth that has been hidden and expose all the lies that have been told by Oberto Airaudi since the birth of Damanhur until today. Lies that have deceived people into entering Damanhur and falling victim to it.

In this game, in which the rules were not chosen by Airaudi, the first rule is that for every candle lit against the ‘fuoriusciti’ a new chapter will be published on this site for Airaudi!

The second rule is that much of the information in the chapters will be traceable in various ways so that people can verify it for themselves. Other information will only be given to those who decide to leave the Community.

Now that I have made my introduction and seeing that all choices are dignified let’s begin with the first chapter.

Chapter 1

Who is Oberto Airaudi?

Oberto Airaudi was born in Balengero in the province of Turin on the 29th of May 1950 and from a very early age had a great interest in occultism and esoteric studies. He aligned himself with different esoteric groups some of them with a Masonic stamp. He was initiated in Turin into one such group and together with others began his esoteric training. After a short while, his inability to get along with fellow students resulted in him leaving the group to follow other paths.

In this period Airaudi became an initiate of many schools, one of which was Voodoo black magic.

In the years that followed, his urge to have power over others steadily increased and in his evening seminars held at the Horus Center in Turin, he began to involve its members in a dream that he had in mind. The dream was Damanhur, an imagined reality which had originated from books he had been ardently reading. The initial idea of Damanhur at the end of the 1970’s was to create a place in tune with human beings and the environment, so that humankind could find a balance in daily life and discover how to save the planet from immanent disaster. Everyone who entered Damanhur was told that the world was about to end and if something was not done quickly there would be a catastrophe. It was from there that the urge was born to get involved with the project. Damanhurians were made to run around working day and night with the promise that after the first few years of constructing Damanhur and the saving of the planet everything would pass to the ‘Rule of Thirds’. This rule stated that the life of every Damanhurian, after the initial years of construction, would consist of 33% work, 33% study and experimentation and 33% of fun activities to please the individual.

If we look at Damanhur today we have the rule of 100% work (and sometimes even that is not enough!)

In the initial phase of Damanhur, Airaudi had increased his capacity to exercise authority over others to such an extent he had to justify his actions by naming it the ‘military’ period of Damanhur  (as if it isn’t one now…) In this period Airaudi  used his communication skills, which are undeniably very good, to wriggle out of a series of difficulties, by using two classic methods which he has maintained until this day; one is blackmail and the other, the use of false promises which are never fulfilled and constantly postponed. This allowed him to achieve two fundamental objectives: one, to have a greater economic margin and two, to use the labor force of the individuals present at that time to lay the foundation of today’s Damanhur.

To this were added other small incentives to limit people leaving. One of these, which lasted for many years, was the rite of the white handkerchief. This ritual of the School of Meditation consisted of wearing a white handkerchief around the neck for three days and then consigning it to the School. The handkerchief would then be used for black magic rites by Airaudi to damage the person if they ever decided to leave Damanhur. In the early years, this fact was publicly declared in School of Meditation meetings and all Damanhurians were obliged to accept it as an act of faith towards Damanhur itself. At a certain point, a lot of people all left at the same time, for the same reason and the rite had to be abandoned. Damanhur was afraid of being accused of brainwashing and Satanism (such a law was still in force at that time) by the forces of law and order. Today, in Damanhur the rite has been modified into the Memories Self, which has to be kept close to your bed and accompanied by a lock of hair. The lock of hair is the modern substitute for the rite of the white handkerchief!

In that period in order to increase the pressure and create more cohesion between Damanhurians many conferences were held on placing curses, how to create them and how to get rid of them. Airaudi, who is a true professional in the field, trained various people in the art and they then toured Italy giving conferences on the subject.

End of the first chapter…

If you see a second chapter appear, it is because Airaudi is continuing to light candles or instruct the Way of the Oracle or the Way of the Monks to send energetic attacks via the spheres.

As always, everyone makes their own ‘dignified choice’.  And…


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