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The children of Damanhur: Free to choose?

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Being a child of Damanhurian parents does not mean that you are automatically a Damanhurian.

When a child comes of age, the child has to ‘choose’ what to do and in theory he or she has two possibilities.

1- Become a Damanhurian

2- Leave the Community

If a child does not want to become a citizen, that child HAS TO LEAVE!

There are no alternatives, the fact that the parents have donated property, paid out tens of thousands of euro over the years, worked hard on the realization of all kinds of Community projects or built and reconstructed houses, counts for absolutely nothing!

A child is a guest and when he or she becomes of age, the child either chooses Damanhur or becomes an outsider.

A child of a Damanhurian couple who decides to leave the Community does not have any rights over what his/her parents have given to the Community.

A child who decides to abandon the Community when he/she becomes of age finds him or herself practically ‘naked’ on the street.

The child no longer has a home and his/her parents cannot take him in because the house they live in is not theirs but Damanhur’s!

The child has no source of support because the salaries of parents barely cover the high internal taxes, the obligatory courses of Falco and the payments on their ‘personal Selfs’ etc, etc… It is practically impossible for an average Damanhurian to set aside any savings.

Naturally not all children are treated in the same way; the children of important Damanhurians are always under a watchful eye… for the others the only possibility of obtaining some room to maneuver is linked to any property that has not yet been inherited by their parents.

Very often it is the grandparents that make the difference! They are the only ones who can possibly offer an alternative to their grandchildren and Damanhur knows this, better not to force anyone’s hand, wait for parents to inherit and then pressurize them to donate rather than push a child into leaving and risk that the property is left to a grandchild that is not a Damanhurian!

There is also another small detail that needs to be taken into consideration:

The Damanhurian family.

Forget the concept of the family as we normally think of it; the Damanhurian family is totally different.

In 95% of cases, any established family that enters Damanhur is destroyed within a couple of years.

A lot of pressure is put on the individual in Damanhur. The personality control that ‘breaks down people’s resistance’ to the Damanhurian doctrine brings with it profound changes, citizens are taught to “Put Damanhur before people and affections” and this strong pressure has its repercussions on the emotional lives of its citizens.

Also new arrivals are considered easy ‘prey’ for those who have been in Damanhur for years and have already exhausted all the possibilities of finding a sexual partner among established Damanhurians.

It is rather like being in a group of friends when a new girl arrives, all the singles, (and not only) of the group will try to get off with the new arrival.

In Damanhur more or less the same thing happens with newcomers and the fact that a Damanhurian marriage does not normally last for very long means that even ‘married ‘ citizens rarely put the brakes on.

In Damanhur few couples stay together for long, it is rather like being at High School; couples get together and split up very quickly. Imagine the repercussions that this can have on children and how hard it must be for the children of Damanhurians to find a point of reference.

Now imagine that you have just come of age, just graduated from High School, have always lived in Damanhur, your mother has changed ‘husband’ at least a couple of times and your father has already had a couple of ‘wives’ after your mother, you do not have any work, you do not have a home because your family’s house was ‘given’ to Damanhur by your parents, you cannot live with your parents because the house they are living in is NOT theirs, you do not have any close relations that could take you in and you are asked to choose between leaving Damanhur (with nothing) or remaining in Damanhur and becoming a citizen:

Would you really feel FREE to choose?

Liliana Cavalla

Posted 31/08/2009 13:08 to the discussion board of the anti-damanhur group of Facebook under the title: ‘I figli a Damanhur: Liberi di scegliere?’

Written by damanhurinsideout

August 31, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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