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Is the Temple of Humankind that kind to humans?

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Damanhur is marketing visits to its Temple of Humankind all over the world but is it really safe to go inside?

After an amnesty was granted in the mid 90’s for the illegal construction of the Temple and a large fine paid to the Italian State, Damanhur was required to modify the underground Temple to comply with Italian safety regulations. Notices were placed on walls to advise visitors how to exit from the labyrinth of passageways in case of fire. A lift was built to provide access to the various levels for those with mobility problems and automatic lighting backup was provided in case of blackout: a regular event in the area. The Temple however, still fails to meet the required safety regulations for public buildings. Visitors have to sign an accident disclaimer before they go in. The Temple is officially open to association members but not to the general public.

You enter at your own risk.

But do people understand the risk?

It would seem not.

Damanhurians are told that Falco can control ‘the energy levels’ inside the Temple and that these ‘levels’ are lowered when Temple visits are conducted. Even Damanhurians are required to notify Temple authorities before they enter and ritual work cannot be carried out inside without the permission of Falco.

The selfic control panel of the Temple of Humankind -  courtesy of Damanhur web pages now off line

The selfic control panel of the Temple of Humankind - courtesy of old Damanhur web pages

In the past, measurements taken inside the Temple by Damanhurian research teams revealed that electrical fields inside the structure are subject to wild fluctuations. It would seem that the electro-magnetic field inside the Temple is not very stable or could be emitting some kind of pulse.

Certainly most visitors emerge a little ‘shell shocked’ from their visit and time seems to take on a different quality when you are inside. Some visitors have been known to leave the Temple after just a few minutes, suffering from nausea and vomiting. Some find the corridors too claustrophobic and cut their visit short. But most leave the Temple in a state of New Age euphoria as a result of the sensory and energetic bombardment they receive in the various Halls.

No scientific analysis has ever been allowed of the energies hosted inside the Temple.

The incidence of heart disease and cancer among Damanhurians is very high.

Children in the Lower Hall of the Earth

Damanhurians claim to live a healthy eco-village lifestyle and yet many are suffering from serious health problems. And not only those who have reached middle or old age but also the young, including the children.

Damanhurians spend many hours working and conducting rituals in the Temple. Could it be that exposure to the frequencies found inside is seriously damaging their health? And what about the children?

It should be noted that the chief custodian of the Temple recently underwent surgery for brain and breast cancer.

She is only in her forties…


Photo: courtesy of Daily Mail online.

Here is a recent post from the Damanhur forum of CeSAP which, among other things, raises the question of the possible health risks involved in visiting the Temple.

DIO Editor


Ref: The children of Damanhur: free to choose?

In the Pramarzo ‘dump’ businesses continue to close…but when, I wonder, will the founder put his hands in his pockets and come up with the money that he took from everyone and return it to where it is needed?

Now the children are also going to be ‘canonized’ in what they call the Temple, which if the truth were known is nothing more than a ‘pit’. The internal Department of Education has decided that the children resident in the Pramarzo ‘dump’ are to be taken to ‘visit’ the pit.

What the poor things don’t know is that with the right scientific instruments it is possible to measure the Hertz frequencies present in the pit. Study them. Abroad they have been known about for many years.

Well, boys and girls, past and present, if you stay in the Hall of Mirrors for a little while, you are likely to encounter visions, hallucinations and your consciousness screen will be lowered. That is, something else will be allowed to enter your tiny brains, which has certainly not been guided or accepted by you of your own free will. There are certain frequencies present in that place that enter into resonance with your brain and induce these and other sensations…

In other Halls there are other frequencies that enter into a dangerous resonance with your body functions. It’s a shame that exposure to such frequencies, after a certain while and not even that long, induces cardiac problems, tumors, cerebral apoplexy and other little things. Schizoid depression, masquerading as a hysterical state of euphoria is the norm.

It is strange that the residents of the nearby villages do not notice anything because the emanations of the black pit expand into the surrounding area. One can easily tell, up to a certain radius, by a certain taste found on the tongue, a weariness, a lack of vitality, a heaviness etc., this is because it creates certain biological reactions in the body. How people can feel well in that area is a mystery. Perhaps not even the locals have the strength to escape from their ill-fated environment, never mind the citizens of the dump.

Have a good visit!


Posted 2009/10/20 18:09 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title:  ‘Re: I figli a Damanhur: Liberi di scegliere?

Written by damanhurinsideout

October 20, 2009 at 5:07 pm

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  1. This is terrible…perhaps high levels of radon, and radioactive materials in the paint? Also, what the hell are these “alchemical liquids” used in the “selfic” (a techonolgy which has NEVER been cited in any Egyptian text, I would know, I’m a professor of Egyptology) machines? Dyed water?


    March 12, 2013 at 1:51 am

  2. Having just visited Damanhur and many other parts of Italy, I must say I felt a lot more comfortable there than many other parts of Italy. Nobody pushed me to do anything, they answered all my hard questions, and I would feel a lot more comfortable being under the leadership of their leaders, than most of Italian politicians and the Catholic Church. It’s all about fear , not understanding that there is more to life than the Catholic Church and government institutions tell you. I am sorry for all the closed minded people of the world who literally has been brainwashed by religions and politicians in a much larger scale than any damanhurians.
    I hope you all find what you are looking for because the world press today look for sensation and creating fear in people. Blessings to all.

    Jan Christiansen

    May 15, 2014 at 12:50 pm

  3. Relationship between huge radon release and mylonite rock is common. Damanhurians are proud that structure of temples is right inside the mylonite vein…omg…

    Maybe they didn’t know about radon/uranium and rock types correlation. Even if in a local Vidracco area is radon on normal level in the mylonite shear it could be pretty much higher concentration.

    Simply, where is mylonite there is shear zone and highest radon/uranium potential. Uranium is much more effective producer of mobile radon when it is in the mylonite foliation because this foliation may weather preferentially, exposing the uraniferous surfaces. Regularly medium to high grade uranium deposits are associated with large scale mylonite structures.

    Looks like they unfortunately builded a little bit radioactive temples and health impacts coming with time…

    Hermes Trismegistos

    August 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm

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