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Damanhurian time travelers?

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These accounts of Damanhurian time travel experiments were published on the official Damanhur website for several years until they became an embarrassment to the newly emerging ecological image of the Community and were removed.

The accounts also inspired features by the UK magazine ‘Fortean Times’, ‘Kindred Spirit’ and the Italian magazine  ‘Dossier Alieni’  (see other  time travel pages), all of which contributed to the myths surrounding the community and encouraged people to join Damanhur.

Time has moved on and Damanhur no longer talks publicly about its time travel experiments even though Airaudi regularly relates fantastic stories about his travels to a pre-Atlantean civilization that he himself has created in which Damanhurians are living parallel lives.

It is important to remember that all the Damanhurian time travelers sincerely believed (and still do) that what they experienced during the time travel experiments really happened even though we now understand that the time journeys were the result of hypnotic suggestion by Oberto Airaudi. – DIO Editor

Time Travel

The incredible experiences of the Temponauts related here were given directly to QDq the Damanhurian daily newspaper creating extraordinary excitement amongst its readership. Here we publish a selection of the most meaningful articles and testimonies.

Yesterday in the late afternoon: the first experiments

Nine Minutes In Time

The complete success of an historical event

Monday January 17th XIX (1994)

Time Travel has begun! Yesterday four people made some experimental passages in the Cabin: two physical Temponauts and two subtle body Temponauts after various phases of preparation they went to explore the places and characters they will travel to at the end of May.

The first people to have had the opportunity – of enormous historical importance not only for us and for this epoch but also for the whole planet – to travel in time have been: Aracne Orchidea, Antelope Verbena, Ornitorinco Oleander and Amadriade

Initially it was thought that five people would make the trial run but the length of time the passage was open and the energy available finished before the fifth had the possibility of access. Five nominees were chosen out of the forty-two that had passed the first and second levels of the final training which was completed on Sunday. Other people will be called little by little to make a trial run so that every passage in the cabin will be established and refined so that there will not be no room for error on the real trip: in fact its operation is still not perfect. The trials are therefore experimental in terms of the Cabin and also training for the travellers.

Do they remember? Certainly they remember!

The necessity of ‘ selective memory’, that is the ability to record indications only on an unconscious level without having to remember them consciously is an essential rule in completing the temporal trip, but it is exclusively connected to the techniques of access to the journey in time. We are talking therefore of a situation of guardianship, to avoid the person making gestures and movements rashly or out of distraction which could induce a temporal passage, and result in them finding themselves elsewhere without knowing how to return. Everything else however, that is relative to the memory of feelings, and the events seen and completed can stay in the consciousness without creating problems (perhaps less if the events are particularly traumatic).

For the journey a Cabin was used with a specially prepared seat (used only by the subtle body Temponauts); the environment was completely pressurised, closing the various access points. In the Hall of Mirrors about ten people played musical instruments of all kinds uninterruptedly charging up the various altars: every altar represented a kind of ear predisposed to load specific frequencies. Every sphere of the Hall covered in gold served to activate the mechanism of individual passage, everyone using a different access code.

The first time travel cabin

Every Temponaut was then prepared for their own specific entry by entering the Cabin and there the preparation of the more contemplative, technique took place, with the detailed insertion of all the instructions and the various mechanisms for finding and inserting into the temporal door and successfully wearing a new body. Following the indications like they were road signs, the traveller begins the subtle journey to reach the person that will host them 4.719 years ago.

Time Travel: emotions and events

A Strong Impact

The way consciousness can move, to travel…

Tuesday January 18th XIX (1994)

It was extremely interesting and demanding to assist at a great event like that of Sunday. Every person who travelled out of the Cabin rejoiced in their success; then the interviews with everyone were very, intense. The music guided by the Temple itself, it was stirring and magic, the whole atmosphere consumed by the strength of an extraordinary event, unique but incredibly, repeatable and perfectible. The journey in time, in preparation for many months, was now a reality, there, in our hands, a small extremely intense proof.

The energetic impact was very strong; the incredible emotion lasted for a long time and moved every part of me.

It is necessary to understand that in Damanhur it is possible and normal to live Magic in daily life, Science Fiction with doing the washing, educating children and every day jobs: everyone needs to be aware, to get in touch with this to understand the breadth of this approach to Art and Ritual in daily life, the constant contact between the sacred and the profane, to arrive at an understanding of true human essence and greatness. This time I saw the imperceptible muscles of the travellers move like they were fluid in order to correspond with a different body, to enter and wear it consciously like a tight overall; movements that no-one could possibly know how to reproduce.

I heard as did all the others, the bang that marked the first physical passage in time, I saw the Cabin empty and then re-inhabited. I had already seen Oberto vanish years ago, for a long time, in Sardinia, then luckily re-appear. So I never had any doubts only an indescribable intense emotion.

I have perceived once again the whirlwind of great events, the truth of being and the insubstantiality of having, glimpses that mark the stages in the growth of the comprehension of the force of the teaching. This aspect was justly very underlined, a lived experience, a real awareness of the fact that the body is only a suit, that the consciousness locates itself in and that it can travel, move, up and go…

Like this the paradox of being is noted by doing the dishes and later making a journey in time, without going mad, not giving more credence to one or the other, as would happen if Damanhur were not our reality and we had not an education that consolidates in the initiate the mysteries of existence.

I know different, and those who did not think that time travel would ever come true, lost their bet, but it was a joy to lose it, I would say, finally sharing the magic madness and strength of our being here.

Civetta Genziana

The experiments of the Temponauts continue

I return with clump of grass

A vegetation sample brought back by Gorilla Eucalyptus

Wednesday January 19th XIX (1994)

At the second attempt he left with his physical body and returned grasping a large clump of grass. The unusual sample of vegetation materialised in the Cabin together with a dazed Gorilla Eucalyptus.

The experiment happened yesterday afternoon and allowed us, apart from the surprise of the grass, to obtain different interesting data on the potential of the Temple/Cabin structure.

Gorilla departed without the music and sound, that was used in the experiments of the previous day, because he used the charge achieved previously, just like an accumulator.

The first experiment with the physical Temponaut Gorilla Eucalyptus began towards 18.00 after almost two hours of balancing and preparing the structure.

Around twenty minutes of affiliation to a female body, equivalent to almost two and a half minutes of our time.

“And ‘ the longest time tried up until now “ – explained Oberto – “ because it has become necessary to make contact with the location before trying a journey with the body”.

The second attempt happened as follows:

“I ended up in the same area” – recounted Gorilla Eucalyptus, still rather excited – “ even though the terrain was different. It was another epoch: at least three years of difference and a slightly different season”. Very strong feelings, almost without breath.

“In the first trip I was very excited, a little shaken; I felt the opening and I inserted myself in ‘the door ‘.

I immediately saw the image of a woman, of shoulders, young, naked, with long light coloured hair: I had the impression of entering her at the shoulder height, as if I had slipped into an extremely tight fitting overall. She reacted by wriggling and became agitated but after some minutes she calmed down. Only at that point did I begin to see: but I did not perceive sounds or smells.

I was in open grassland, with very tall ferns and in front of me a very wide river; there were no tall trees or animals; in the distance hills and then mountains with tops covered in snow.

The climate was warm, as in late summer. I immediately had problems with swallowing, then things improved: however I was not sure I could manage to control the body movements: after a while I tried to change position as I was due to re-enter.”

In the Cabin, Gorilla is found again sweating, with a racing heartbeat and a high temperature. After a quick control Oberto ascertained that the quantity of energy was enough for a second trip.

“I heard a crackling” – added Gorilla – the energy increased, then I was charged emotionally, I was taut like elastic and in the end I heard Oberto doing the count down: at zero I was no longer there. Just like in the absence of gravity, but without a physical body I had the consciousness of existing but it was as if I was dissolved in the environment.

It seemed to me that three or four seconds had passed – a long time. I departed all crouched down and I found myself stretched out on the ground.

I felt the short grass, the hard ground, substantial: a different place than before.

Perhaps for about ten minutes or so I remained lying down with closed eyes, so as to take back mastery of my body: no smells or sounds.

Then I got onto my knees, felt the heat of the sun and finally opened my eyes: the mountains in the distance were similar to those of the first trip and the river also seemed similar.

After standing a little, I smelt the first smells: diffuse perfumes, from the grass, from the light wind and I heard some flowing water.

I turned around to look about and I saw extensive grassland, with yellow flowers and very green grass; I made a couple of steps to the right and then to the left. Then the sky became dark and I felt the first shock waves: the signal for re-entry. I went into the crouching position: the re-entry time seemed less in comparison to the first trip.

Only when I found myself back in the Cabin I perceived I was holding something tight between my hands: it was a big clump of grass.

For a while” – concluded Gorilla – “ I continued to hold it between my hands, then I relaxed”.

The unusual transportation will obviously be subject to analysis. “He must have dilated his aura considerably” – commented Oberto  – “to have brought back such long grass”. When other samples are collected, of great interest, we will perform an appropriate analysis; for the moment the sample of grass has been taken to Melusine the health officer.

“We will see in the next few days” – Oberto declared – “if it will be worth the effort of doing an analysis: the grass has immediately dried up and turned yellow. We must now recharge the structure with music and sounds, for new experiments.”

Time travel: the story of Ornitorinco

Passage at the Second Attempt

The door was tight: entry by the shoulder

Friday 21st January XIX (1994)

I want to tell my brothers and sisters about this fantastic experience, that little by little I am coming to terms with inside of me. One of the most amazing things was the preparation phase of the Temple- system, with the group of the Oracle guided personally by Sirena Ninfea, who played music furiously for the whole time, using various drums, percussion and gong.

I felt the increase in the potential; the vibrational system took hold of me and made me feel a component part of the Temple. I was very excited, proud and curious to participate in this experiment. As Oberto had said, it was a matter of trying to go to adapt to a different time, do as little as possible and to try to look around as well.

When my turn came to begin the hypnotic preparation my heart was beating very fast and I didn’t succeed in relaxing. It was a little while before I succeeded. After that Oberto made me enter the Cabin and asked me to remove my People’s bracelet. He said to me that at a certain point I would see in front of me an oblong opening with bright edges, in which I would have to try and insert myself.

The departure position was slightly huddled, similar to that of the character that I had to take possession of initially. The passage was developed in two phases: first the subtle part would be projected back into the past and had to take possession of the body of a native; this subtle part would then call for the rest of the physical body.

I perceived the black opening well, in which I had to insert myself, entering shoulder sideways because it was tight, slipping myself inside. I succeeded at the second attempt. At this point I felt a strong shock wave that stunned me a little. I could feel the body I slipped into very well, that was amazing. Before this entry there was a phase in which I seemed to see the Cabin from high up and then a big black space.

The body I arrived in had fallen over; it was of a young individual, taller and more slender than me, wearing a white tunic, an athletic type; the phases at this point became a little confused ‘, the perception was very similar to that of a lucid dream, but less intense than that of here. The environment was warm and humid, with different vegetation from that of now, with stone houses on the river, as always the Chiusella River but very different from how it is now, with some visibly large rocks. In this phase the body was mine again, but I do not know how to describe how the change happened. It coincided with the moment of my disappearance from the Cabin, as Oberto and Genziana testify. How much time this phase lasted I could not really say. The perceptions were very different and again the passage left me a little stunned ‘.

I then suddenly found myself inside the Cabin and my perceptions returned to normal density. Oberto asked me to flex all my muscles a couple of times in order to take back possession of the situation. I trembled again, because of the cold, and the tension, even though Genziana said that I had an ‘incandescent’ body. I was very hungry. It took me a while to recover and I had a pain in the shoulder and in the left part of the body.

Sensational series of experiments yesterday afternoon

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Gorilla E. returns just in time pursued by a woodsman

Monday January 24th XIX (1994)

The first contact between a Temponaut and a local native happened yesterday afternoon, approximately on July 18 of 4.719 years ago. A close encounter of the third kind with unforeseen consequences interrupted fortunately by an instant return to our time. Gorilla Eucalyptus, in his second physical exploratory trip was seen and pursued by a woodsman: the native sees him fading away almost under his nose: another few hundred metres and he would have seized him.

The new series of experiments happened yesterday afternoon, between 18.00 hrs and 19.00 hrs with the following protagonists: the marathon runner Gorilla Eucalyptus, a surprised, unfailing, Passerotto Olmo and Merlo Papavero, Antilope Verbena was present for health controls and Sirena Ninfea with her Oracle ‘rockgroup ‘. Their return yielded at least a kilo of grass sods, still dripping with water.

The first trip, involved Merlo Papavero yesterday who returned after a brief stay near to a water course: he brought back with him a large sod of grass with an intense perfume, again dripping with water.

The second passage has made by Passerotto Olmo, with the objective of going to the same point: his de-materialisation would have to coincide with the re-materialisation of Merlo. Passerotto also remembers a zone of water and returns with the inevitable sod of earth and tall grass. The two contributions are important because of their consistence: at least a kilo of material in earth that could be examined and analysed for different micro-organisms.

The last passage involved Gorilla, first with a ‘trip’ as a subtle Temponaut and then as a physical Temponaut. It took place in an area of tall oaks, not near to a watercourse. He heard noises of wood being cut and he walked until he saw a man dressed in skins, intent on cutting firewood with stone axes. At the moment of re-entry, after about forty minutes, Gorilla had to run to return in time to the established point: the noise was heard by the woodsman, who turned around and saw Gorilla and ran after him brandishing a stick. The return to the cabin happened just in time, with our Temponaut folded in two with pain in the spleen as a result of his frenzied run.

Warning of his dangerous predicament had come from Antilope Verbena, who remained in the area of the spheres, and also by Sirena Ninfea, working with the Oracle dance group for the charging phase. Before and after the passage in the Cabin the Temponauts wrist was measured, also blood pressure and body weight. The loss of weight was revealed as less substantial: around a kilo or a little more. Quetzal Larice filmed some phases with the video camera, including the sod of earth and grass.

Time travel: amazement at the strength

The unbelievable in DAMANHUR

Aracne relates: I felt myself lengthen

Saturday January 29th XIX (1994)

The initial transfer I hardly perceived at all: I entered the body of a strong man, tall. I perceived his amazement. It was a very fast entry into him, then a clear settling in, of which particular things struck me: the toes, the belly, the bowel, and the brain. I felt the presence of this person displaced to the side, next to the head – neck, on the left. I had problems with the throat, settling into the proportions: I felt it lengthen. I perceived the presence of the penis.

I woke up and I looked clearly around. The weather was damp and hot. The man had large lips and was very muscular. I observed the environment carefully: there were very green trees, hills, and below there was a river in a basin.

I sat for a while then, without getting up I leant on a tree with a large trunk.

The voice of Oberto is distant, very far away; it seems that he is speaking to me through a funnel. I am afraid of meeting someone. I began to work with a pointed object, on work already initiated. It could be an arrow. The colours are very sharp. The re-entry: I tighten the muscles, I become rigid – rigid. An opening.

I have returned.

Time travel: the story of Gorilla

I run like a madman, pursued

The taste of blue berries. Utensils of stone and skins

First experience of ‘subtle’ Temponaut very fast, feeling of a masculine body intent on preparing firewood in a wood. Second experience of physical Temponaut, long (around 40 minutes).

Arrival between two very large trees (seem to be oaks) in a short time I take control of the body; above me and to the left, the sun is shining between the foliage of the trees, very strong perfumes, I hear in the distance (around 200 – 300 metres away) the noise of trunks being moved, I mark the place of arrival and I go cautiously in the direction of the noise.

The undergrowth is full of moss and leaves, there is a pathway that takes me down, then past a bush of blue berries: I draw near and pick one, I smell it, but it doesn’t have a smell, I taste it, a pleasant taste, a little sour, following the path, I draw near to the noise, I discover a man (at least I think so) who is stacking some lumber, long hair, dressed in smooth-haired skins, standing nearby I see tools for cutting the firewood made out of very sharp stone attached to sticks with very firm bindings. Mostly, I see a tool that is a dark colour, I don’t understand if it is black stone or metal.

I hear the thunder and I turn and start to race towards the marked point. The person hears me run, sees me and runs after me, I hear thunder for the third time and I am still far away, I run like a madman up to the point, with the person behind me about 100 meters away, I reach the point of arrival and away I am back in the Cabin very tired, my stomach cut in two by strong cramp, trembling all over, with a feeling of emptiness.

Time travel: the story of She-wolf

I was a dark skinned boy

Tuesday January 18th 19° Horusian year, at 18,50: I, Lupa, a ‘subtle’ Temponaut, entered the body of a young boy with dark skin, small in stature.

He was sleeping and refused above all to move his head. I saw the mountains around me they were not very high, but very big and wide, with tops covered in snow. The body of the boy was stretched inside a small boat and little by little I managed to stay within his shape.

Around about on the banks of the river there was tall grass, some dry and some green; there were small huts with many animal skins stretched out on taut strings. The water of the river was very clear, the air expectant like before a storm. I felt many shivers, not from cold, but of muscular and psychic tension.

When I returned I remembered the black opening clearly. I passed through the shock wave like a little batted ball.

Time travel: the experience of Melusine

On A Square Raft

The affiliation with a boy on the river

Sunday January 30th XIX (1994)

I remember seeing in front of me a black opening, surrounded by a bright halo, then suddenly I found myself on a raft that floated on a river; on one side I saw imposing mountains, with snow covered tops, on the other a lowland rich in vegetation. On this raft I saw a child with dark hair and clothes of white linen, who slept huddled up on his side.

When I entered his consciousness it co-operated and I did not feel any opposition or particular resistance.

I saw myself fluctuate inside the body, I saw black around me and a little at a time I felt myself expand inside of him.

I looked for a way of controlling it, I felt heat, a very strong energy, the legs, the arms, the boy’s body becomes agitated. Breathing was difficult, I had a knot in the throat that prevented me from shouting out, I had to force myself not to do it.

A little at a time, I felt that the body was slowly re-assured and I was able to perceive some particular details of the raft: there was a pole in the centre of it with a white cloth tied to it.

The raft was small and square, it was made of pieces of wood of medium size, cut in a precise way and joined one to another with thick rope, knotted in strange way.

I felt the breeze that came from the river and the characteristic smell of the water: an odour of fish, of saltiness. The temperature was warm and damp.

Then I heard the thunder and returned inside myself, the impact was strong: I felt heat, an energy entering inside my body: it was like being crossed by an electric current.

This feeling was very strong in my limbs and was distributed more and more inside of me, up until the point that I opened my eyes.

Gattopardo Acts

6.840 years ago, as a woman

Monday February 7th XIX (1994)

The temporal trip of yesterday created some small repercussions, which are now being studied. The subtle Temponaut Gattopardo pushed a dug out canoe into the river which was carried away by the current, then he sat down under a tree to wait for the door of re-entry.
However, the passage of another subtle Temponaut did not succeed, Narvalo did not succeed in being sufficiently fast enough to enter the temporal door, he lost five opportunities, but he managed to insert the codes for the passage on the following occasions.

Gattopardo, however had an adventurous trip with the first appearance of his ‘comma’ (as he likes to call it) he ‘ hurled ’ himself inside, immediately finding that he was around 300 kms from here, on a river that could be the river Stura or the Po, 6,840 years ago. “It was difficult to identify the person in which I had to enter” the subtle Temponaut recounted, “so I entered the first girl that I saw on the river», for fear of losing the opportunity.

“I have little understanding of what I did then but I succeeded in making contact with the body”. He felt clearly the sensation of entering the arms like they were sleeves. “The tactile and visual perception was good, but I did not hear any sounds and smelt little perfume” the traveller explained.

“It was a beautiful day. There was light. I immediately saw the river and the kinds of boats cut out of tree trunks I looked for the one marked with red, when I found it, I immediately pushed it out from the shore. It was different from the others, perhaps the red came from a carving, and I did not stop to look that well, as soon as I found it I pushed it out. The water was icy, icy. It took me a while, eventually I succeeded in getting the current to take it, and then I returned to the shore.

I was an incredible sensation to feel the breasts in the water and even more so not have masculine genitals. That memory is the strangest feeling. I was wearing something, probably the skin of an animal. I could feel long hair touching the shoulders.”

Getting out of the water Gattopardo-woman looked around: “I glanced around, I was in a hurry to find the tree, which marked the door for the re-entry. The landscape I remember very well, it was a downward slope, on the slope, a clearly marked pathway that ran down along the river. At the riverside there were some stones the river was large. Above it there were the trees and then a clearing with some huts, three of them almost hidden by the trees, also I felt there was some movement although I did not see anybody. I identified the tree, I drew near and sat down with my back against the trunk and waited for the door: I was in a hurry to re-enter. I waited for a long time. As soon as the little ‘comma’ arrived, I dashed there immediately.”

Gattopardo emerged from the Cabin euphoric and lively. His trip had been the longest effected up until now: around an hour and a half, corresponding to a few minutes here. His blood pressure was more or less the same as when he departed.

In the next few days information on the consequences of moving the boat will be collected.

The trip was made further back in time and further away in comparison to the previous trips. The necessary hypnotic preparation was more accurate and precise to avoid any kind of blockage. The variables continue to increase, because all the individual elements linked to emotion and character are now understood, as well as a great many details not taken into consideration at first by the operators (who had never faced these types of hypnotic requirements before!).

Civetta & Genziana

AMADRIADE Appears and acts amongst the natives

Monday February 14th XIX (1994)

Yesterday in the Cabin a passage was made by Elfo Frassino and Amadriade, even though they are physical Temponauts they only made subtle body passages. Frassino tells of his very brief trip, where he was aware of wearing the body of a woman and seeing the river, the hills and a boat.

Immediately after, the now experienced Amadriade made a passage and found herself in the blink of an eye, flesh and bones in front of about ten strong, stumpy natives of almost seven thousand years ago.

It was evident that this was the village in the river valley in which the dugout canoe would shortly arrive: the same boat that had been pushed adrift by Gattopardo-woman during the preceding river experience.

Hardly landed, or rather consolidated, our Temponaut traced in the river sand on the shore four suns, a boat and a man with raised arms (to signify that in four days a boat will come) then to distinguish the boat that would arrive she coloured the outline of the boat with a piece of reddish earthenware.

She had only just finished her assignment when the door of re-entry appeared, Amadriade, is swallowed inside and like lightning disappeared in front of the eyes of our ancestors, who a little amazed, remained there observing that moment without moving.

And so was born ‘ a new goddess!’ Indeed it could easily be so when you think that a slender, young, white skinned woman with red hair and green eyes appeared and immediately disappeared in the middle of sturdy, hairy strong dark- skinned characters…

As far as the people who are to wear the bodies of the two pikes that will push the boat out into the river undetected are concerned; the selected people must be strong and resistant swimmers and must train first by learning to enter in the little fish of the aquarium. They will also need to prepare well by learning about fish, so they know how to move, to breathe and use the various functions of the body.

Genziana & Civetta

Time travel: physical Temponaut Amadriade recounts

A Mission to Complete

Tuesday February 15th XIX (1994)

Trip of 13/2 / ’94

The sound begins. The Temple comes to life, vibrates in tune with the notes produced by the newborn instruments as though a generator of harmonies. Frassino is ready. Civetta, Antilope and I listen and ‘we feel’. After a few minutes he goes, a little stunned ‘. It is my turn. I am still amazed by my extreme calm, a warm and calm determination that has accompanied me for some time.

The preparation seems to me rapid. I am ready. Then I begin to glimpse a dark and thread-like outline, even though it is not a stable form I perceive it more and more clearly. My body searches for the best position in order to follow, to accompany the pulsation of the opening. I hold my breath and go, leap inside this apparent dark abyss that welcomes me softly and just as softly deposits me on of an expanse of sandy ground at the edge of a big river. The light is bright, almost blinding. It is very warm.

I don’t waste time looking around, I have a precise mission to complete. I kneel on the sand I draw four suns, a stylised canoe and a small man with raised arms.

I felt a presence behind me. Out of the corner of my eye (I dare not turn my head!) there are about ten people, men and women, observing me curiously. I had a light and fleeting sense of panic: “And then?» I felt however that the ‘others’ were neither aggressive nor afraid, only very attentive, watching what I am doing. Encouraged, I continue my work. I take some earthenware I find nearby, I dampen it slightly and colour red an angle of a canoe ‘parked’ nearby. I return to the drawing. I look around, take in the image of my surroundings as much as I can and get ready for the re-entry.

The opening appears again, the body stiffens, I hold my breath before the leap… I am here again, happy, euphoric, enjoyed thinking of the faces of those that I left behind in the other part. What were they like? Tall, stocky, dark skinned, a little hairy ‘ and on a comic note, not well differentiated as male or female. The women in fact seemed to be shorter, but nevertheless strong and …ehm …not very pretty.

This time I di not lose any weight, my blood pressure remained good, I had no body pains, only a little neck ache and more stiffness in the shoulders than normal.

The entry into a thin-thin man

Wednesday February 24th XIX (1994)

19 February, 5,55: The passage in the opening was very fast, to enter the body of a very thin man and with a strange ugly face. After, I found myself standing (or being stood up!), took several steps, then stopped to establish an equilibrium. It was invitingly warm and getting towards evening. In front of me, a fire and a big blonde man with his shoulders turned; perhaps an encampment a little way in front. I heard the crackling of a fire.

My assignment was to collect all the weapons lying on the ground, into a pile, to my right and to transport them inside a straw and mud hut a little way away, to the left on a slight slope. There were many weapons: arrows, bows, sticks, axes, lances, ropes with big stones attached and a strange looking thing which could have been a small stone catapult with a metal bullet inside. I had to do everything in silence and not be seen.

Walking, with all the weapons in my arms and shoulders I walked to a regular rhythm like a wave: the music of the Temple, which at that moment pushed me on with the same rhythm as I walked. The hut was empty and after hiding the weapons against the bottom of the wall I left quickly and furtively, meanwhile I began to smell a strong smell of burning, similar to that of cartridges made for children.

The sky was by now red and dark brown and, before arriving at the temporal meeting point, a big tree with a rock at its base, I heard loud bawling and noise like that of a big group of people drawing near. What will happen, now, in the other part? To me, at the distance of a day, it seems that I am… behind the door.


The work of ‘in-direct ‘ monitoring begins

The help of the animals

Monday February 28th XIX (1994)

Yesterday, a big novelty in the field of Temponaut training.

To begin with the first observation exercises took place through animals, that is a kind of un-activated affiliation, where the Temponaut does not clothe himself in the animal but enters it to observe through its eyes and listen with its ears.

Two people, from those who had undergone the hypnotic training for subtle and physical Temponaut began to follow the Temponauts who passed through the Cabin with a sphere monitoring system. Contemporaneously to these operations, a physical Temponaut and two subtle Temponauts passed through the Cabin. But this time the affiliation did not proceed ‘as usual’ into humans, but instead into animals: at first Antilope entered a buck (in the same epoch as that of the canoe) and then into a hawk. Aracne however was launched into a beautiful fish like a salmon or pike, splashing about on the seabed rich in algae.

The whole experience was as always extremely exciting; in the Hall of Mirrors everyone played and created a beautiful charge and the operators observed the spheres like a television, watching the stunts of the ‘subtle’ Temponauts in their new bodies.

Meanwhile Cicogna Lillà entered, passing through the ‘Self’, first into a small bird like a sparrow and then into a squirrel, both inhabitants of the wood above the ’Porte del Sole’, that is, beings that at the moment the experiment was being made were in the vicinity of the Temples; physical Temponaut, Melusine ventured into a very remote epoch, rich in glaciers, 11.800 years ago. She saw a deer and a marmot and took a few steps.

Antilope e Lillà then tuned in to another period: Antilope entered as a subtle Temponaut in to animals of an epoch that dates back to 500 years before the event known as the ‘canoe’, first into a great beautiful stag, near to a herd, she tried to browse the grass but found it difficult to enter such a different body well, then into a hawk in which she tried the intoxicating feeling of maintaining flight without beating the wings. In the meantime Cicogna Lillà followed events with the Sphere, describing exactly what was happening and the things Antilope was trying at that moment.

It was then the turn of Aracne in the same epoch of that of the canoe where she entered a fish, and in that body she did not have the usual fear of water but rather enjoyed herself immensely darting here and there with a moving tail which was difficult to control and eating various corpuscles and water creatures and having to move the gills at the same time in order to breathe. Antilope observed with the sphere the movements of the fish and followed the feeling of being in water.

Sphere Operator

I immediately felt connected to Antilope in the cabin and at the same time to the sphere, as if there was a thin umbilical cord that connected us. Energy flowed well. I felt her depart, not straight away though, enter a great stag and settle in. The antlers were not great classical ones they were broken, or maybe short; perhaps it was still young, but it was a beautiful strong animal. She needed a little time to settle in. The stag reacted very little and all seemed harmonious, she found her sight then started to look around: there is grassland, the grass is green, and it is late spring or summer. There are trees around a small wood, further away there is the water of a river, there is some firewood stacked a little distance away.

I thought I saw a small man in the distance; the stag eats, he browses the grass, he has his head down, he moves little by little near to the other deer, to be safe. At a certain point I do not see anything anymore, it is as if I had lost contact. I stop, take a seat, then the signal begins again and I find myself there again, for a moment I am on a mountain, on a peak, then in the stag. It is not as it was before; the contact is much weaker, less intense. Then I clearly feel the re-entry: the shock wave, the arrival.

In the Sphere I could see very well, like a television: clear images, the signals strong and intense …I felt very connected to Antilope. Afterwards I thought that if I had acted to help I would have perhaps succeeded, with the training, in widening the perception even more, and known how to gather as many details as possible… I understood at an intimate level that this possibility is real: as if I was also there, the observer part of me. I felt that all of us there in the Temple were one body with each person being an organ that worked autonomously but in perfect tune with all the others.

In a fish during the epoch of the canoe: Orchidea recounts
ARACNE and the Fish

Sunday March 6th 19º (1994)

I saw the door clearly, I jumped inside and I was away in the fish. Without fear. I was very agitated. I immediately felt myself inside an indefinite mass, then the tail started to move. It was like taming a horse. A feeling of liberation of pleasant movement. After I had settled in a little I started instinctively to gasp to eat and breathe. All automatically.

The vision was not clear, but I do not know if it was due to water or not, it was a little murky. I looked out of the right eye, then the left. Algae, aquatic seedlings, physical sensations like tickling when I graze the fish. I have eaten enough. Wriggles. The sensation of being under water is very beautiful. The fish was strong, not that big but a beautiful fish.

A fast and instant re-entry. A lot of euphoria, physically I felt fine. The sensation of water on the skin has remained with me. The image of the seabed. At night I dreamt of the fish, swimming and doing manoeuvres in water.

I am very happy, also because my fear of deep water absolutely did not show itself. I remember with amazement what it was like to move with the tail.


Thursday April 28th XIX (1994)

By Gorilla Eucalyptus

The preparation was different from last time. It included staying in front of a red crystal for a long time, which clouded my vision. I was entrusted with a strange object (a double pyramid of crystal with stones and selfic patterns) that seems to increase the ability of transporting data for the computer.

Ready for the departure I get ready to enter the temporal door (violet) and to face the first station. The density of my body in the first station is greater than the preceding time, on the floor I see designed a circle with signs and symbols very similar to our Cabin, I do not see anyone.

At the second stage I arrive in a circle like the previous one but the designs are laid out with coloured stones, two people go away and a woman arrives wrapped in a blue veil, approaches and moves some coloured stones. Third stage; circle drawn on the floor with bars around it, like our Cabin.

Fourth grade stage, a room with a lot of instruments inside it.

Arrival base in Atlantis, same place but more people in the room in green clothes. The man from last time draws near to me, he smiles, and we leave quickly. I am inserting myself into the corridor that leads to the psychic computer, when I hear a noise, I turn, it is Antilope at the base, just before she recovered herself our eyes meet and we greet each other, and I slip in to the corridor. A little way ahead a door opens and introduces me into a room where the walls are made of wedges with blue cells. In the centre a swivel armchair awaits me.

I take a seat and deliver the crystal that I have brought with me, which is put into a cell of the wall. Two semi-spheres that seemed to belong to the armchair start to move and I find them on me, one supported on the right ear, the other on the left ear. Fear, amazement, incredulity when I realise that they are not going to stop but that they are continuing to draw nearer wrapping around my face and neck until the union of the two semi-spheres is complete. Sensation of suffocation, but immediately after the possibility to breathe and to see arrived. The sensation lasted a long time. Slowly The sphere re-opened itself, a little bit disoriented I am invited to get up and they offer me very beautiful and rich clothes to wear.

We go out of the room, continue to an opening at the end of a corridor and I am on a dock with a road supported over water and a series of transport shuttles. The man climbs into the shuttle, I also climb in, he closes the dome and at an unbelievable speed we reach a distant building in little time, with out any feeling of acceleration or braking.

We arrive in a dock similar to the previous one; we approach the wall of the building and stop on one of the metal support disks which suddenly starts to move up like an elevator. We climbed about forty metres before stopping in front of an entrance that gave access to a huge park with splendid vegetation and I was almost spellbound by the dominating perfection. Many people dressed in exquisite clothes walked in this immense park, flying spaceships of all kinds ploughed through the sky in all directions without producing any noise.

We made our way on foot through the middle of all this beauty before finding the road again and making our return. We arrived back at the dock we had departed from and entered the same corridor as before arriving in the initial room, I took off the beautiful clothes, (I was rather sorry to see them go) and I was given back the crystal that I had brought with me.

It was curious to note that the crystal was now suspended in an extremely strange looking sphere. Everything was delivered to me by hand, I think I must have been wide-eyed, because the man made signs to reassure me. In practice it was a sphere of water without a container, it was in that shape with the crystal suspended in the middle.

We started to move towards the base of the Cabin, that is the base where I had seen Antilope flash past on one of those lifts to the platform. At the bottom of the room we are greeted. On the base the man held out to me the sphere of water, I took off the grey suit, and organised myself with the sphere in my hands, the man said to me with some difficulty: “regards to Oberto, best wishes for Damanhur”, he left and went away without the needing additional energy.

There were five stages of re-entry one of which was very strange, where I saw uneasiness in the people that were there and the last stage where I was afraid of catching fire because the environmental temperature caused pain.

At re-entry Oberto handed a container of glass to me in which to support the sphere of water, with great care I placed the sphere of water in the container, as soon as I let go of it the sphere took on the same shape of the container.

I believe that we will never cease to be amazed.

Gorilla Eucalyptus

The Space Journey

Open: The Space Road

1 July XIX (1994)

Before entering the Cabin, Oberto said that we were talking about a light jump in space, to certain of his friends, a spaceship with the dimensions of approximately 5 kms of stone-rock. A spaceship with nine ‘rooms’; I was to arrive in one of these, adapted to my biological characteristics with the air withdrawn before my arrival, in short, ‘they’ would be awaiting my arrival. It was also necessary to modify the existing Time travel codes, as this was a very different operation.

I sat down in the Cabin, facing towards the magnetic door and began the preparation to substitute the codes. At the beginning I had a strong sensation of nausea, as if I was floating inside myself and had lost every point of reference; the nausea lasted some seconds, it was almost accompanied by a sense of dismay: then the door opened, very different from the temporal one.

It was a big ‘inlet’ a winding shape. When it was right in front of me I went down on my knees, with my hands on my knees and I was away.

I must have bumped against something, I don’t know if it was during the passage or on arrival: I felt a strong pain in the left arm like a shake, just for a short time. I remember shouting out. The passage was almost immediate, after the jump and the bubble I immediately ended up in another part.

It was like being inside a big bubble that contained me entirely. I still held back my breath a little and then I tried to breathe: I did not have problems in that sense, even though it had a strange consistency, as if it were conditioned air.

When I arrived at the destination I continued to swim a little inside the bubble, as if I was weightless; I didn’t succeed in taking control of my body in the space: little by little I began to feel heavier and I found myself set down at the bottom of the bubble from the base of which, a small circular base blue in colour had risen.

I finally succeeded in sitting down, still on my knees however; my body was very sweaty. The big transparent bubble was contained in three walls of glass, which were transparent.

In front of me and all around me there were beings with big flat heads, of a lilac-violet colour. They had drawn some faces that in a general way resembled those of humans: round openings like eyes, squashed face and openings that were similar to a nose and mouth, but not as we intend them.

I only saw their heads mostly and little of their bodies: they looked at me and became excited, they transmitted cheerfulness and emotion. Some moved along the glass to look me, others, taller in stature, fixed on me calmly communicating serenity and joy.

Their bodies seemed faint in comparison to their heads and they were not all the same: some had a more triangular shaped face others round. The only characteristic that united them was the flat big head, almost as if they had a disk instead of a cranium.

I remained where I was, sitting on the platform: after a while, these beings begun to show me signs, maps, numbers and shapes through the glass. Two of them in particular, one with a round face and the other with a long face, lifted their arms or something similar up: they were very long and thin and with them they traced in the air the signs that little by little became coloured and were transmitted onto the glass.

Then the images became three-dimensional, with very strong colours: I saw planets, asteroids, numbers, explosions, and lights…

I continued to watch all of it with the feeling of expropriating data and at the same time with a sense of happiness, as I felt and saw the cheerfulness of the beings in front of and around me. At a certain point I saw on the glass an enormous long flat rock and I understood that this was the spaceship. I saw a drawing of a trajectory from the moon to the sun, first a cold white light, then hot and red.

The beings shook their large heads as if to nod. At that point the being with the roundest face showed a dark and quite large object to me: I immediately felt it in my hands, I held it firmly but I did not look at it because I did not succeed in detaching my gaze from the figures that I saw in front of me, above all from the tracings, as they were maps and numerical and literal structures. I continued to hold the slightly clammy shape in my hands.

At a certain point the humanoids stopped tracing signs and those that were on the glass seemed to disappear. For a few seconds my head felt hot: I felt scrutinised and observed with curiosity, meanwhile I tried to not change position and not to lose my balance as I was beginning to float a little and become weightless.

I closed my eyes and I saw the dark blue door again as before with the luminescent edges, still in the shape of a serpentine: I immediately found myself in the Cabin. I felt a flood of data, above all lights and colours: Amongst the many, orange was the strongest, it appeared before me like explosions.

I had the feeling, in the hours that followed of having been ‘lengthened’, most of all in the arms and legs.

Antilope Verbena

Travel in Space and Time

“I apologise if I don’t express my ideas very clearly this evening, but the experience I have just had has left me speechless and amazed.

I should mention right from the start that it involves travel through both space and time. The arrival spot was not, therefore – as on other journeys – the Earth, but it was a journey that was at one and the same time both spatial and temporal. The arrival point must, in my opinion, have been one of the outermost planets in this galaxy, part natural and part-constructed, slightly smaller in size than the Earth.

I took a ‘self-crystal’ with me, which enabled me to memorise more deeply the experiences of that three-day trip. What’s more, when I was missing data, I could call it up directly from the self-crystal as if it were an on-board computer or co-pilot.

It was a journey in time and space through a series of stops. The leaps in time were variable, some completed very quickly and lasting a few seconds. These initial jumps represented periods of 2,000 – 3,000 – 5,000 years. As a result of contact with the selfic creature I had a conscious sense of the point towards which I was heading, how much time was passing and where I was.

It was as if I were in a shuttle piloted by a set of very complex instruments – in this case, the instruments were of a mental kind.

During this journey, the first jumps in time were short and took me to clearly recognisable physical locations: a wood, a desert, a mountain, whilst those that followed were ever longer.

I perceived the first three leaps as a journey backwards in time, but in the same spatial dimension, whilst the others I perceived as both a temporal jump and, in parallel, a spatial one.

The successive stop-offs were all decidedly fascinating. I experienced at least three or four different types of cabins, similar to ours with a platform and side bars which were, in some cases, replaced by overlapping spheres; in other cases, the bars were replaced by pyramids, one on top of another, with the apexes directed towards the centre, towards the point where I was.

During the various leaps in time, I passed by Atlantis; I didn’t stop over in the cabin where I had arrived on a previous trip there, but in a similar cabin below sea-level. I found myself in a glass bubble through which I observed the seascape with people wearing clothes I was already familiar with. I drank a very pleasant drink which gave me a very strong energy charge. I had the distinct impression that Atlantis was an important stop-off at which to land to take on energy and then depart again for a longer time leap.

In one of the last transitions (there were fourteen in all), I arrived in a cabin that consisted of a ray of light emitted from a projector in space. I fell within that beam and remained in that rather unusual reality. There was no kind of physical reference, but I was immersed in this light ray that was moving quite fast and through it, I was going in all directions. Then, at a certain point, the beam began to rise vertically until it brought me to a platform suspended in the air where I saw very strange creatures, about 4 or 5 metres tall with a body in the shape of an egg with a very long head at the back and a mouth, or rather beak, at the front.

In another transition, I arrived in a transfer cabin that was a cylindrical glass structure, comparable to a well, dug out and suspended in the air. I materialised in that spot, from which an incredible view opened out; it was as if I was in a shuttle that was travelling in space close to a sun that was emitting a very strong light. On the opposite side, you could see a whole series of planets which went on until they were lost from sight. Then I entered a ‘time castle’ where I had the distinct impression that time stood still, almost as if I was pervaded by a condition of stasis or of absolute calm.

At the final destination, I put on clothes in the form of a cloak which immediately enveloped me like a kind of shrink-wrap material. The beings I met there did not have a form; they were like an elongated ball with devices all over their bodies. When these beings approached, they emanated a very strong energy.

Each place was differentiated by specific smells. I recall that at some points, for example, I noticed very intense, very acrid smells, similar to ammonia, smells that hurt a bit in the nostrils. In other places, smells that varied from sweetish to bitter. Similarly, I heard several varied sounds.

I then came to a very advanced selfic structure made of metal, pyramids and spheres with wires wound around it. The floor of this structure was also made of some metal. I realised from the surroundings that I had arrived at a teaching centre, a training school. I looked around and was a bit dismayed because there was incredible confusion all around, with all kinds of people and all kinds of species.

There was so much movement that I definitely passed unnoticed. I stayed there a few minutes with my selfic travelling companion and, after a few minutes, a character appeared with features very like human ones.

This person came up to me and had me get off the metal footboard I was on, and I set off towards a room at the back.

The problem of communication was resolved thanks to a collar which he put around my neck. It was more spacious and comfortable than the one I had worn at an earlier transition stop and it quietly translated the sounds produced by my voice and also enabled me to understand his ‘speech’. I ‘heard’ him not through my ears, but directly, as if from the source of his thoughts.

My guide accompanied me in visiting the entire structure that was made up of a series of rooms where people ate, slept, went to school, trained, and so on. In the courses they talked about cabins and positions inside the cabins which were best for confronting the time leap.

Specific time drills were also taught. For two days, I learned all the techniques relating to the transfer cabins.

I ate food which tasted sweet, bitter, cold, hot, etc. The first day, I ate a very cold cream similar to our ice cream. During the course, they supplied drinks with different densities which, apart from their nutritional value, provided a considerable energy charge.

As far as the transmission of knowledge is concerned, I was directly assisted by an instructor. The course consisted of successive stages which required the use of special armchairs and helmets. Sometimes images were projected via data which automatically entered the mind.

From a technical and practical point of view, I think that it will take time to encode everything, because a considerable amount of data was transmitted.

We slept in specially arranged places in which there were sarcophagi with a hard base. A transparent dome was lowered from above, hermetically sealing in the person who was resting, and sleep came in a few moments. In this state of slumber – sometimes very deep, at others extremely light – in this sort of half-sleep, I had the very clear sensation that I was processing all the course data.

In the morning, the sarcophagus was re-opened and at that moment, it was as though the plugs of my conscious mind were re-connected.

I noted that my breathing and heartbeat were normal. I often spoke of Damanhur and our project. The people listening were amazed, and had respect for what we are doing. Indeed, they were very aware of our reality and where we are going.

I know that I kept my normal human appearance because I could see my reflection on the shining walls.

The cabins in which we trained were similar to ours, the ones with bars. The use of the cabins varied according to the type of direction, type of journey, the distance and the mass that was to be transferred. The cabins with the bars were mainly used for time-travel. Those with the sphere structure or pyramids were more advanced and used for space-travel.”

Photo: The first time travel cabin  – courtesy of the Damanhur Time web site which is now off line


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