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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the leader decide everything in the end?

Yes. Everything in Damanhur is chosen and decided by him. Unfortunately for many years now nothing has been done without his approval.

Do you have to give all your wealth to the Community? In what way?

When you enter the Community, if you have houses, goods or money you will be asked to give practically all of it to the Community. In the past people were also asked where they had their current account and if they were not with a bank in which Damanhur could control the amount of money in their account, they were warmly advised to change to one of the banks that was ‘friendly’ with Damanhur. To enter you now pay a fee of 1,000 euro and all your material wealth is transferred afterwards.

The promise of ‘Enlightenment’, by means of courses and the ‘necessary’ gadgets paid for in the ‘black’ (without legal receipts) how much do they cost?

A lot. The courses of Airaudi have been obligatory for at least the last 6-8 years and if you do not do them you are not in line with the teachings and you cannot grow on your spiritual path. The latest courses for ‘A’ citizens cost around 95 euro and last at the most 6 hours.

Does Damanhur intend to save the world?  Are there elitist myths?

Yes. Damanhur was born to save the planet and according to Airaudi, he has come to this planet to save humanity from the Enemy. He is the antidote to the Enemy!

Are there Gods to worship?

Yes, the Triad. The Triad is formed by Horus, Bastet and Pan, three divinities that have nothing to do with the names they normally represent. The god Horus, even though it would seem to be the same as the Egyptian god, is another thing entirely, just as the other divinities concealed behind these names. In fact the Triad is something other than what is commonly accepted, there are in fact three and not just one!

Are there obligatory rituals, vestments and esoteric activities?

Yes. The rituals are all (or 98%) obligatory and there are rituals for everything. From the ritual of sowing seed to that of the grand rituals of the Solstices and Equinoxes. There are rituals for birthdays and rituals for children, (memories, linking with past lives, etc). How often a person attends rituals forms the basis of the assessment of how in line they are with Damanhur.

Do they forbid the reading of ‘outside’ books?

Yes. This is one of the first rules you are given in the Meditation School course. True knowledge passes only through the words of Airaudi.

Do they play down the importance of contacts with relatives, friends and references ‘outside’?

Yes. In the past relationships with relatives were considered a limit to spiritual growth. The famous magic journey (Viaggio) is a classic example. Those who went on the journey could not tell anyone they were leaving or where they were going, including their close relatives, under the penalty of exclusion. Over the years with the need for more openness the heads have found great difficulty in maintaining this rule but it still applies.

Is there a trend towards autarchy or self-government?

Yes, it is a point of strength that Damanhur has flaunted for years

Is there a lot of money around? Whose pockets does it end up in?

Since Damanhur was founded there has been more and more money. Naturally almost all of it ends up in Airaudi’s pockets and citizens fall deeper and deeper into debt.

Does the Leader have a harem?

Yes, he always has had. He continues to invent excuses to justify it to everyone, above all to his official partner.

In the Community do people work for low pay or for free?

The free hours of work that an ‘A’ level Damanhurian has to offer have been described in many other posts. On average we are talking about 60-80 hours per month of unpaid work. As far as the hourly rate is concerned I think it has just been raised to 5 euro an hour.

Are other religions of cults denigrated or played down?

Yes. When the heads of other organizations are invited, appearances are very different to what is really said. No one is as clever, as wonderful or as good as Airaudi.

What is the situation as regards the payment of Italian taxes?

In the last ten years a lot of effort has been put into making things legal but there are still many gaps left to fill.

Do the rules apply to everyone or just to some?

As in all these kinds of organizations, not everyone is equal.

Do they sell pseudo- therapies without any scientific foundation?

Yes. Selfica is a classic example. ‘Selfs’ of all kinds are sold for all kinds of illnesses at medium to very high prices. Apart from the Selfs there are Selfic Cabins ‘offered’ to the friends of Damanhur as an experimental healing technology from prices that begin at hundreds of euro to several thousand euro per application (each application or passage as it is known lasts about 15 minutes). No one has ever testified to positive results and the Leader’s women who have suffered from tumors and cancer have all been to clinics abroad to be cured.

Do you have to ask permission to leave the Community or not attend obligatory meetings?

No, you can come and go as you like on a daily basis but to absent yourself from meetings is very difficult and sets you in a bad light with the heads of the School. If you intend to leave the territories overnight you are required to advise the Damanhurian Department of Security of your whereabouts and the date of your return. Permission to leave is sometimes refused.

Is there talk of an Enemy to be fought? The Church, aliens or anything else that promotes fear?

It is one of the first things that you are told. The Enemy of Humanity is the first element that needs to be fought and seeing as it is inside each one of us each person’s thoughts and actions are controlled by the heads of the Meditation School.

Only the ‘guru’ and Damanhur can bring true salvation?

Yes, I repeat, he is the antidote to the Enemy

Are you promised powers? Do they tell extraordinary stories about the ‘guru’?

A little while back when Airaudi said he was preparing to leave, he told the Damanhurians that because of their bad behavior they had lost the possibility of achieving physical immortality. The myths surrounding Airaudi are many. Several examples are recounted in chapters 1-4 of this site. There are however many others.

After how many courses, money spent or years of devotion do you reach enlightenment? Has it ever happened?

No one knows and no one has ever reached enlightenment.

Do they fake residences and maneuver votes to win local elections and conquer the nearby district councils?

Since Damanhur entered politics with its movement ‘Con Te per il Paese’ it has used the movement of residences (the right to vote) to gain political power and continues to do so.

Has the excavation of the Temple continued even without legal planning permission?

Yes. It has never stopped. From what I know there are at least two secret halls plus lots of passageways and other new spaces excavated without permission.

(DIO Editor: there are in fact 5 new halls and in an area noted for extensive landslides the unauthorized excavation of the hillside above Vidracco puts the village below in serious jeopardy. In the past torrential rains have caused huge areas of the hill to slip towards the village and the Region of Piedmont has spent hundreds of thousands of euro on reinforcing the slope with blocks of stone and water channels. Damanhur has never received any planning permission for Temple excavations.)

Is it said that a baby girl born in Damanhur was conceived using magic alien technology even though everyone knows that it is the leader’s child and her mother is one of the ‘monks’?

Yes. This excuse was invented to keep his official companion happy.

Is it true that when you swear your citizenship oath you promise to offer your life and everything you possess?

Yes. In the oath of citizenship ’A’

Is it true that the leader is the reincarnation of the god Horus or this is more or less what is revealed in the secret lessons of the school of Meditation?

Yes. He has also declared the same thing to guests on a Friday evening. In the reserved evenings of Meditation it is taught that Jesus Christ, Buddha and other great figures are nothing in comparison with him.

Is it true that time travel was carried out by hypnotizing the Temponauts?

The Time Travel is all fake. It was the result of hypnotic induction carried out on selected citizens, those who were the most susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

Is it true that he has a machine that multiplies money?

Yes, but it is not talked about very much

Is it true that those who leave Damanhur get money back as a quota in the real estate cooperatives for the property they have ‘donated’ to Damanhur,  as is frequently told to tourists and journalists?

No, no one gets any money back. This is just a lie told to tourists and others so that Damanhur looks good and to discourage further inquiry.

Is it true that those who leave (those who find the courage to do so!) are declared failures and without souls?

For many years Airaudi has declared that any Damanhurian who leaves Damanhur loses their soul and at the end of this life will be annulled. Translated, this means that according to the Damanhurian School, for those who leave it is as if they have never existed neither as a life or a soul. If you believe in past lives also those are cancelled. This is an unconscious fear that is very strong and very serious!

Is there internal control, of rooms, diaries, with interrogations or even the use of bugging devices to keep people under control?

Yes. There are controls of personal diaries and interviews for clarifying the position of everyone who lives inside: they have been going on for years. It is known that listening devices have been placed in various strategic points of Damanhur by the Damanhur Security Department to obtain information that is used later to control people.


Extracted from a post by LuceBianca on 03/07/2008 01:04 to the forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Ringraziamento’

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 5, 2009 at 4:20 pm

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  1. This is very disappointing. As I read about Damanhur, I hoped in my heart that in some way it was compatible with the Christianity that is my core belief. I thought the temples were very cool (beautiful). I am afraid this qualifies as a cult based on my previous studies of famous cults around the world. As with many other cults, people involved want very much to believe in the positive aspects of the situation.

    Douglas Goodall

    September 18, 2013 at 6:32 am

  2. […] The temples are appointed with cartoonishly elaborate murals and I would love to visit them, but if this website is to be believed, Damanhur is a typically creepy […]

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