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CeSAP – But how much money?

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But how much money?

How much money has the Mr. Founder par excellence pocketed? Try asking ignorant citizens. Try for once at least to make him tell you the truth. Has he by any chance told you that he took off for two months to avoid going to prison? Did he tell you what he was accused of? Tax evasion to the tune of millions of Euro, taken from the courses you have paid for, from the Selfica items you have bought and from his incredibly expensive paintings and then the obligatory taxes and various contributions.

If you do not want to be a ‘processional insect’ (Ed: everyone following the person in front without ever checking where they are going) … (it was HE who taught you this wasn’t it) stick you nose outside of your shell and start questioning what is said to you. You will discover that you are only being told half truths or lies.

Watch out, he is going to take off with all your money and make you believe he has done it for you. Ask him if Luxembourg reminds him of anything. Stop being afraid of him. He does not care about your interests and thinks only of himself and what suits him. You count for nothing unless he can use you for his own ends. Just as he has always done.


Posted to Ce.S.A.P:  2009/05/19 14:35


Ref: But how much money?

What you say is very true and it hurts…

Unfortunately the millions of Euro that he has paid to avoid going to prison are only a small fraction of what he has earned in the last 34 years of Damanhur, taking it from families ignorant of the facts, from guests, especially the Japanese, who have constantly replenished his funds. He has eluded the taxman by registering his villas, land and apartments in Italy and abroad in the names of his women, hoping to get away with it, meanwhile people are dying of hunger and have hundreds of thousands of euro of debts for houses that belong to him. And he has everything ready to make his escape abroad with all the money of the Community. Let’s hope he is stopped by the authorities before it happens.


Posted to Ce S.A.P: 2009/05/28 03:09

Ref: But how much money?

“Unfortunately the millions of Euro that he has paid to avoid going to prison are only a small fraction of what he has earned in the last 34 years of Damanhur, taking it from families ignorant of the facts, from guests…”

Millions of euro paid to avoid going to prison?

What do you mean exactly?

Can you please explain for those of us of the site who are ignorant of the facts?


Posted to  Ce.S.A.P: 2009/05/28  20:05

Ref: But how much money?

I will reply dear Valchiusella. The fact is that this person has recently had a series of tax problems due to the fact that he has evaded paying his taxes. We are not talking about peanuts but millions of euro. These days in Italy no one goes to prison for tax evasion anymore but it can give you a few problems. The man in question, so as not to ruin his media image had to come to an agreement with the tax authorities and pay up. What’s more at exactly the same time he just disappeared with some of his most faithful. Obviously he did not inform his citizens about the situation and as far as they were concerned he was away on one of his usual ‘Viaggi’ (magic journeys). A journey, however, that lasted two months.


Posted to Ce.S.A.P:  2009/05/30  15:32

Ref: But how much money?

Who knows if the Damanhurians have understood that they are paying the debts on the real estate loans of their Master?

Who knows if they have understood that tightening their belts is all about these loans?

How much longer are they going to give him the credit?


Posted to Ce.S.A.P: 2009/06/01  03:56

Ref: But how much money?

The Damanhurians are subjects living under incredible mental pressure!

Only a few ever manage to wake themselves up and even then with great difficulty… Around them just about everything is happening, from elections lost on the doorstep, to doors slammed in their face by institutions. Many people have finally understood the true dangers of Damanhur in the valley and surrounding territory and all the lies it tells to achieve its aims. Those who are on the inside have great difficulty seeing it all, even though it is right there under their noses. Think, how can they possibly see or even simply consider to be true the fact that their guru extorts thousands of euro from each one of them every year just to support his vices without even batting an eyelid!!!

I think that the lucidity of mind to see and understand such things has remained in very few people…

Damanhur is about to go down and those who remain on the ship will go down with it…


Posted to CeS.A.P: 2009/06/09  05:33


Sources inside Damanhur have revealed that Oberto Airaudi was recently accused of tax evasion to the tune of 4 million euro. He has come to an agreement with the Italian tax authorities and paid the sum of 1,700,000, to settle the matter out of court. This means that the crime is not publicly revealed and cannot be reported by the mainstream media.

On the Internet however…

DIO Editor


Ref: How much money

Interesting, this detail that we cannot afford to ignore that is reported on the following site:

https://damanhurinsideout.wordpress.com/recent-posts-from-italian-sites/ce-s-a-p/ (see ‘News’ above by DIO Editor)

Interesting and disturbing. How come news like this has not appeared in the papers? At least the local ones. Absolutely nothing, as always everyone keeps quiet.

But La Sentinella del Canavese, Il Canavese, La Stampa or La Repubblica, who report on things of lesser importance have not even mentioned it. Doesn’t it make you think? Perhaps they haven’t received the news? Perhaps it isn’t worth talking about? Or is there something else behind it?

Work it out for yourselves.


Posted to www.cesap.net 2009/07/12 00:49 under the title ‘Re: Ma quanto denaro?’

Link: http://www.cesap.net/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=265

Ref: But how much money

In Damanhur it is more than well known that Airaudi has a turnover of millions of Euros a year and all in the black!

Now at least they have succeeded in finding and denouncing 4 out of the many tens of millions that this person has pocketed over the years. The newspapers should really pay more attention to it but I can assure you they are collecting lots of information.

In fact the information is increasing on his account and on account of the Damanhurians who are participating in the internal trafficking with him and this is very important.

Damanhur has always carefully created a ‘good’ public image in order to hide what is done by its managers but those who have eyes to see behind the scenes are observing very closely.

What will happen next still remains to be seen ….


Posted to www.cesap.net 17/07/2009  00:51 under the title ‘Re: Ma quanto denaro?’

Written by damanhurinsideout

May 27, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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