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I just don’t know what to do…

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Ref. Damanhur: yet another testimony

09/03/2008 15:49


I am writing for advice because I just don’t know what to do. A member of my family is involved in Damanhur, follows the Meditation courses (never misses a lesson), spends weekends in the woods in Valchiusella and reads their books…He is not a citizen but he says that it helps him to see the truth, to understand the nature of things, that it opens the mind and helps him to see things from a different angle or something similar. But I do not understand how an intelligent person like him can allow himself to be ‘convinced’ by these nobodies from Damanhur.

When I asked him why those who leave Damanhur speak so badly about it he said “those who leave are full of hurt pride because they haven’t managed to boost their egos…and of course they have to talk about it…if you need attachment you can make just about anything sound gruesome..but if you present yourself as a researcher and thinker all kinds of possibilities open up…there lies true discovery and true spirituality…you can enter Damanhur and behave as if you’re thick …and whose fault is that…yours, because you have that kind of attitude!”…”the secret is to try and see things from as many different angles as possible …and act accordingly…this is the basis of it …if you have the knowledge and lots of different points of view you are free to choose and you are no longer at the mercy of things..you create the alternative that is best for you…”

I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND…and his way of thinking and talking frightens me…I am worried that he is being conditioned by these people…I am very doubtful and afraid…what can I do or say to him???


Ref. Damanhur: yet another testimony

09/04/2008 13:15

Hey…Dear Pink…

The situation is not simple, your relative seems to have perfectly entered the system, or maybe it would be more correct to say that the Damanhur system has perfectly entered your relative. He has already learnt the lesson well as regards the ‘leavers’ and unfortunately already shares it. He is no longer disposed to doubt; the Word of the School of Meditation has already shaped him. He is already convinced that Damanhur is perfection and if something does not work it’s certainly not Damanhur’s fault. What you report him saying does nothing but confirm all the sad things that the ex-Damanhurians have talked about.

“If you have the knowledge and lots of different points of view you are free to choose” this is generally true but the question we should ask ourselves is: Who is in a position to give us the knowledge? If you ask that question, the answer would be taken for granted: only Damanhur can give you the knowledge! And how much time do you need to gain this knowledge? When do you finally reach enlightenment?  They will say: it’s not simple, it is a long and difficult path, you have to cut all your ties with the past, you have to make sacrifices (also economic ones but at this stage you do not know that), apply yourself, it requires devotion… (but the truth is enlightenment will never arrive…and you will wake up one morning and realize that you have thrown away your life to quench someone else’s thirst for power).

The ‘different angles’ who gives you those different angles? Always and only Damanhur?

A different angle could also be provided by this forum or that of cesap (http://www.cesap.net/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=34&func=showcat&catid=37 and I advise you to read it all beginning from page eight) but evidently at Damanhur these angles are not well accepted and Damanhurians are unable to find the will or time to navigate the forums.

“You can enter Damanhur and behave as though you’re thick and whose fault is that? Yours, because you have that kind of attitude!”

Already …Damanhur never makes mistakes and if something goes wrong it’s always your fault. The system is perfect; one must never question the word of the master or Meditation! The problem is always you!  You are not applying yourself enough, and you are not committing, you MUST participate in courses to ‘control your personality’…if you manage to control your personality you will be worthy of Damanhur and ready to host an alien! (But at that point the real alien will be you!)

Dear Pink, I don’t know if you will manage to make him open his eyes (even though I hope with all my heart that you will), I do not think he will accept the idea of reading these forums, or accept any criticism as regards Damanhur, in fact he will consider it as a personal attack and that will only accentuate and accelerate the separation from you and his family. This is sure to happen if you cast doubt on the ‘validity’ of the Damanhurian system.

Stay as close as you can to him and prepare yourselves to welcome him back into the family because sooner or later he will open his eyes (with time) and that day he will return home with his pockets empty and only the clothes he stands up in. He will have to reconstruct his life and you will be the only people he has.

Try to contact the experts at cesap (www.cesap.net)

Good luck, read the forums, print out the articles and leave them around for him to read!

Ref. Damanhur: yet another testimony


09/04/2008 15:11

This was not the kind of reply I was looking for…it doesn’t comfort me very much!!! However my family and I try not to keep on at him too much for fear of creating opposition and increasing his opinion of Damanhur …every time I try to understand by asking questions he answers with these second-hand off pat phrases which do not come from him…But do you think that people who let themselves get involved in Damanhur are psychological weak or not? Who would make the ideal adept for Damanhur? Sometimes I would like to be invisible and go and see for curiosity’s sake what they can possibly have to say all evening, twice a week, instead of going out with their friends. Everybody in the family is worried because of his involvement with Damanhur.


Ref: Damanhur: yet another testimony

09/05/2008 13:07

Pink …I am sorry, but in this case it is no use wasting words we have to call a spade a spade!

I do not think that the people who become involved are all psychologically weak. Some perhaps are going through a delicate period in their lives, have just lost someone or are very disillusioned but I do not think that this is the rule. I think it is much more that Damanhur (the Meditation School that holds courses) is very clever at identifying what points to focus on to give answers to questions that at certain points in life could trouble just about anyone. The problem is that these answers are studied to ensnare and entrap people.

I will explain, as far as I can see someone who is interested in Damanhur or any other pseudo-spiritual group must have serious doubts, not feel fulfilled, or be in search of something different, perhaps just a new balance. They approach these kinds of groups with curiosity, already mentally primed for a new experience and by default have already entered the mechanism. Fortunately not everyone gets destroyed by it, for every Meditation course that starts out with dozens of people only a few actively remain in Damanhur. Luckily the great majority ‘smell a rat’ and leave well alone.

In these courses, which require an increasing commitment in terms of time, aspects of people’s characters are discovered and studied and then used to promote Damanhur to them. Slowly in small steps, the Word and the culture of Damanhur become instilled. They come to believe that Falco is the incarnation of the God Horus, that he travels in time and space, that he is part of the Galactic Council that governs the universe, that he has alien friends that come to visit him in the form of a gorilla. They will even come to believe that there are seventy aliens hosted in the bodies of Damanhurians and with the right preparation they too will one day be able to host one.

There is a story that says: if you take a pan of boiling water and you throw a frog into it, the frog with all the strength that it possesses will jump out to save its life. But if you take a pan of cold water and put the frog inside and place that pan on a stove and slowly heat the water, the frog will die boiled to death in the water without even noticing what is happening. I think that your relative is like the frog in the pan, all that remains is to understand what temperature the water has arrived at!

Posted in the community forum ‘Noi e le sette’ of www.focus.it under the title ‘Damanhur: ancora una testimonianza’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

May 27, 2009 at 9:05 pm

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