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I will tiptoe in…I do not want to encroach upon the sense of this forum, and if I have please let me know.

I have always lived in Valchiusella and I have lived with the escalation of Damanhur at close hand over the years. I have an opinion that can’t help but be negative and that opinion has been reinforced by what I have read on this extremely valid site. In Valchiusella, the Damanhur phenomenon is lived in a diametrically opposed manner by the shall we say, ‘native’ population of the valley. An enormous part of the population is hostile to Damanhur, they perceive it as an entity extraneous to the valley culture, a ‘cancer’ (excuse the term) that is little by little devouring all the local history and customs. Something that is rather dishonest and which, by means of the art of ‘migration’, organized by the managerial caste of Damanhur, is cleverly taking over the posts of councilors in the various valley councils. When I talk of an electoral migration I am referring to the mass movement of Damanhurian residencies into municipal areas individuated as the next expansionist objective of the Federation. It is not by accident that requests for change of residency arrive on block a few months before the local administrative elections, followed by a mass enrollment to act as vote scrutinizers and presidents of polling stations, with the aim of…(is there a reason behind this?)

I have to say though, in order to be fair, that a large part of the population is hostile to anything that is ‘different’ or ‘new’ independent of what it represents.

There is also a part of the population which sees the Damanhur phenomenon in a good light, fortunately still small and I would quickly like to take the opportunity to explain why.

The situation that we find ourselves living in Valchiusella is as follows: of Damanhur we know very little, practically nothing for certain. Nothing of what happens inside, of how the community really functions, of its real aims or of the projects and businesses of the Damanhurians: information only arrives through two main channels.

1) By means of propaganda i.e. papers and magazines distributed by Damanhur (‘Qui Damanhur future’ and ‘Parlomne’ for example), or through the various internet sites managed by Damanhur or through the publications of the Council of Vidracco which is governed by Damanhur.

2) By means of the information that some adept lets slip. But you need to be very clever to make a Damanhurian speak freely and most of the time you will only get a half truth. If you manage to earn the trust of an adept everything is much simpler but to do so, you must NEVER,  in his or her presence, doubt the greatness of Damanhur.

There are certain aspects that one knows intuitively but on which one can never be certain and for this reason I would like to ask some questions in the hope that someone from among the ex-Damanhurians can provide some answers:

1) The uniformity of thought on many important issues. Whenever you touch upon certain subjects with just about any Damanhurian you get exactly the same replies, not so much in terms of concept but the same identical phrases! As if there was a manual on how to treat certain issues and what replies to give. Someone told me that in the community they even distribute ‘guidelines’ on what to post in forums or on what to say on this and that subject. Have we really sunk so low?

2) What has happened to ‘Parlomne’ the paper that was distributed in the municipalities in which Damanhurians have been elected as councilors?

3) The moving of residences is it ‘organized’ from the top?

4) Rumor has it that there are serious problems, also of an economic nature, on the part of the Federation of Damanhur and that Damanhur Crea, the case in point, is creating considerable economic problems with its high costs and practically no income.

5) Does a ‘youth problem’ really exist in Damanhur? Is there intolerance between the generations, between the children who have been born in Damanhur and their parents the ‘Elder’ adepts?

I hope someone can, or will want to give me some answers, even privately.

I realize from what I have read in this forum that there are a lot of ex-Damanhurians posting here and that your arguments are valid and quite incontrovertible and that is proven by the fact that no Damanhurian has posted here affirming the opposite or refuted your arguments and if I know Damanhur, I am sure that this forum is regularly inspected by Falco and his generals. Here, as opposed to what has happened in the other forum, I have not assisted the Damanhurians who are very good at distracting everyone’s attention by progressively watering down arguments with secondary issues and generally creating confusion by filling up the forum with rubbishy posts.

I will finish with a plea to you ex-Damanhurians who are little by little turning on the lights and illuminating the ‘darkness beyond the hedges’ (of Baldissero ?!).

If I have understood properly you are organized to support those who are intending to leave Damanhur and you are rightly and understandably concerned about those who are suffering inside the community. This is a splendid initiative. But as you well know, Damanhur has slowly managed to create a smoke screen around itself through its publications and marketing operations, especially those door to door aimed at the most fragile (the elderly and those living alone). All the propaganda over the years has succeeded in creating a small and growing consensus amongst the valley population. You are working to open the eyes of the adepts, we are working to open the eyes of the valley people who are slowly giving in to the relentless stream of Damanhurian propaganda.

Do we stand united?


First posted 02/27/2008 to the Damanhur forum of www.cesap.net under the title “Vicini di casa di Damanhur’.

Written by damanhurinsideout

May 25, 2009 at 4:33 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I damanhuriani temono i nostri forum. Una condizione che il capo non aveva calcolato prima. Le “buone azioni” sono fumo negli occhi, volte solamente a creare un’immagine di purezza e di bontà fittizia e ipocrita, per il loro tornaconto propagandistico e espansionistico.
    Temono ciò che può ledere la loro immagine e l’immagine del capo e ancor più, il fatto che le persone che vengono a sapere la verità, ne stanno alla larga. Chi decide di andarsene, non può farlo in serenità, non è permesso, ma certamente non si troverà solo e abbandonato a se stesso come furono i primi coraggiosi.


    July 9, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    • The Damanhurians are afraid of our forums. They are something that the leader never calculated on. The ‘good works’ that Damanhur does are just a smoke screen, sometimes just to create a false image of purity and goodness for their propagandist and expansionist benefit.
      They are afraid that the forums could damage their image and even more the image of their leader. Those who decide to leave cannot do it peacefully, it is not allowed, but certainly they will not find themselves abandoned and alone like the first courageous leavers were.

      Translated By DIO Editor


      July 10, 2009 at 11:07 am

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