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How to get out?

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I am happy to see that this forum is shedding light on what really happens in Damanhur.

I would like to get out too.

Unfortunately my age is against me. Many years of work in Damanhur paid only in Crediti (the money which substitutes the euro in Damanhur) without any state contributions and without any professional qualifications.

A series of debts to honor, taken out to sustain the avaricious Damanhurian lifestyle.

No savings anywhere.

The small amount, almost non- existent, that is left over each month is swallowed up paying Falco for the strata of my ‘personal self’ (warmly advised) and those of the regime’s courses that “you cannot possibly not do”.

You should know that pure Damanhurian citizens have been officially advised not to read this forum.


Posted to www.cesap.net 2008/03/01 04:53 under the title ‘comeuscirne?’

Ref: How to get out?

Dear Ellam

Many of the Damanhurians who have left the community recently have been in exactly the same position as you.

Many have large debts, few work prospects and no State pension contributions but they left all the same. It takes a lot of courage, determination and planning but it can be done.

Once I realized that I was inside a clever and sophisticated cult I could no longer contribute to maintaining it in any way.

On ethical grounds I could not shut my eyes to the fact that others were being robbed of their lives, money and family ties for the sake of the Airaudi Empire. At first, I stopped having my “personal self” updated, I stopped doing courses and I began to save what little money I could. It was not much but it gave me a feeling of personal power, of making my own decisions and taking control of my life. It took me a year to leave because just as the process of entering Damanhur takes time, so does the process of leaving. You have to slowly break down the sophisticated belief system that has been implanted inside of you. Your mind is not going to let go of it that easily.

I went from thinking Damanhur was a wonderful place one-minute, to knowing it was a mind control cult the next. There were times when I thought I was going mad, when the conflict inside me was so intense; I felt I would have a nervous breakdown.

A part of me still wanted to believe in it all and my mind kept refusing the truth. I solved the problem by doing my own research on cults, reading lots of books, and articles and answering questionnaires until I had the picture firmly sorted out in my mind. I realized that Damanhur was built upon a pack of lies and deception, that Atlantis and time travel was a cruel joke, that Enkidu was a just a trick. I saw that many of the young women who were caught up in sexual relations with Falco were unable to extract themselves even though they were unhappy and felt abused. I saw my fellow Damanhurians constantly ill and under stress with the control over their lives increasing to totalitarian proportions. The reality of Damanhur was so different to the image that was projected to the outside world that it made me feel ashamed to be a part of it.

When I left Damanhur I had only debts, I had to swallow my pride and ask for help from my friends and family: it was not easy having neglected them for so long. It was also difficult finding a job as I had been officially classified as unemployed for many years. What can you say when asked about your work experience: “ah, I spent the last twelve years working inside a cult without even realizing it….” How can anyone take you seriously? Few people understand how the mind control works in such situations and they just think that you were an idiot to get involved in the first place. So it is true that you may have problems finding work but the more people that leave the easier it becomes because we have created a network to help and support each other.

You have to ask yourself if what you are living now, is what you joined Damanhur for all those years ago. If it is not, then LEAVE… do not waste anymore of your precious life and resources on funding someone else’s dream, begin to create a new one of your own.

You can do it … 35 ‘A’ citizens have managed to extract themselves in the last 3 years and believe me the world outside is worth the effort. I cannot promise you that the adjustment will be easy because it is not but I can promise you that there will be an increasing number of people willing to help you through the worst of it. Forza….!

It is your life …

Take it back and begin to live it on your own terms!


Posted to www.cesap.net 2008/03/03 04:03 under the title ‘Re: comeuscirne?’

Written by damanhurinsideout

July 7, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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  1. Thank you to all who contribute here for your courage and honesty.

    It is true Maria, living life connected with God and without interference from harmful “spiritual” leaders or associates is worth the risk in every way, even though it may seem impossible at times.

    Everywhere we turn in this material world we will encounter lies, manipulation and exploitation. I believe it is our duty to learn how to find the truth, which is not an easy journey. One important way is to look within ourselves, with the help of that part of God that is within our own heart.

    Only God is able to help us in the end, anyway. Nothing is more important than finding one’s own connection to the Most High and helping those who are less fortunate in whatever way we can.

    My prayers are with all those who are finding their way out- You CAN do it! Take the leap of Faith!


    January 20, 2012 at 5:41 pm

  2. Thank you for this honest report on Damanhur. Just a half an hour ago I was mesmerized by the website and promises of the organisation (wich I now realize it must be) I almost applied for the “new life program”. Fortunately enough (and I do believe in guardian angels) I stumbled upon your blog. Now I dont feel like joining, the reasons are clear and my feeling tells me that I would only get myself into trouble.Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending you strenght, love and light Ellam XXX Christine


    January 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm

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