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Notes for journalists and film makers

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Just in case you are moved to make a documentary exposing the truth about Damanhur as a result of having read this site or to write an article about the abuse being perpetrated inside…

I have a few words of caution for you…

No English speaking journalist or documentary film maker has ever successfully exposed the truth about Damanhur. The BBC Newsnight team perhaps came the nearest to it many years ago with a short news item in which they correlated its activities with the Swiss Solar Temple suicides and the Japanese cult underground bombings.

More recently, Tobias Jones managed to convey some of his suspicions to readers in his book ‘Utopian Dreams’ but you need to read carefully between the lines. For the most part American TV (for example Good Morning America) and radio stations lap up the marketing of the Temple and continue to give credibility to all the sci-fi myths and lies about Damanhur and its activities. The Daily Mail newspaper, in Britain, and  New Age magazines all over the world have also made a fine contribution to encouraging English speaking nationals to join Damanhur with their endless double page spreads on the story of the Temple.

For the most part journalists and film makers eagerly take what is offered to them on a plate by the Damanhurian PR office without ever stopping to question whether or not it is all true. Damanhur is a good story, they get paid, they are happy, Damanhur is happy with the free publicity and everyone sleeps at night.

But, there are those who do not sleep at night…the parents and families of the people who have been seduced into pledging their lives to the Damanhurian cause by all the glamorous media coverage.  Once someone becomes a citizen, contact with family and friends is minimal…I know of many families who are brokenhearted because they have lost touch with their children living inside Damanhur.

And the Italian press? What do they do? Very little. The local press is too scared of legal action and the national press already has enough libel cases brought by Damanhur to keep them going for years. These days everyone is very circumspect. The Damanhurian reign of legal terror has paid off quite handsomely.

But enough said about media responsibility…

Now a few words on how the Damanhurian Press Office operates.

Should you want to make a film or write an article you need to submit a proposal in writing. If it is accepted you will be asked to guarantee certain conditions in order to have access to the Community. Damanhur will want to see the result of your work before it is published or go on air so that it can be censored to fall in line with the image they are projecting at the time. During your working stay your every movement will be controlled and you will only be given access to citizens who have been carefully trained to say the right thing…usually members of the press office or apostles of the ‘Way of  Art and Word’ one of the Spiritual paths inside Damanhur that specializes in talking to guests and journalists.

You will never be shown the inner workings of the Community or get to see ‘backstage’, you need to become an Initiate to do that and believe me that is a lengthy and life threatening process that no one in their right mind would want to undertake.

The security department of Damanhur the ‘DSD’ will quietly check out all your credentials and identities to be certain that you are who you say you are. Even the identities of guests to the Public Rite of the Oracle are checked out these days before they can attend. Security is very high. Damanhur does not want anyone photographing or filming their magic rituals and compromising their squeaky clean ecological image.

If you want to film in an uncensored manner in Damanhur you need to go in under a false identity as ordinary tourists and film with a hidden camera. There are listening devices in all the guest rooms so pay attention to what you do and say. Never underestimate this Community…it is known for its legal aggression and if you are caught, it will not be a pleasant experience.

Good luck!


DIO Editor


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Written by damanhurinsideout

May 25, 2009 at 12:02 pm

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