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Enkidu appears in the Sacred Wood

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Ref: The other face of Damanhur – Chapter 3

The myth of Enkidu

Here are some extracts from the Damanhur internal daily newspaper, ‘QDq‘ (sometimes renamed ‘The Pravda’ by Damanhurians themselves)

I would be interested to know from the experts what motives could possibly encourage the heads of a Community, by means of a communication channel reserved only for Damanhurians, to make propaganda ‘News’ such as this and present it as true!

Here is an admirable account of a meeting with Enkidu the alien friend of Falco (that the master helps to materialize in the classic form of a gorilla), by a prominent Damanhurian.

In December 2004 the front page of QDq opens with:


Yesterday evening E.G. encountered Enkidu in the wood of Tin where she had gone to enjoy the starry night sky. Enkidu materialized in the classic form of a gorilla, he gave her a quartz crystal to consign to Falco along with a verbal message. The dogs had been barking furiously day and night in the area and after the event an incredible silence fell upon the wood, reports M.’

(Here is an account of the meeting by the fortunate chosen one, who incidentally just happens to be one of QDq’s most noted journalists)

‘When Falco talked on Wednesday about Enkidu appearing and that he would probably want to meet those he already knew but was afraid that people’s feelings might have changed over the years, I thought to myself, well, I am ready and in the same spirit as now, I would have said that I would be pleased to meet his alien friend again.

Yesterday I went to the dentists and in the afternoon I had really bad toothache so I thought I would take a walk in the Sacred Wood, which for me has always proved to be a relaxing, therapeutic and regenerating friend. It was a wonderful evening and it made me want to go out and listen to life in the Wood. So I set off with a torch, and a pentacle (for walking the circuits) to enjoy the splendid walk, leaves the color of spent gold and the perfume of the earth. It was very cold and I had dressed and covered myself well because I knew I must not catch cold but I thought I would not be out for long.

When I arrived at the Diamantel spiral, created years ago by the French group of Joana and afterward linked to the circuits’ installation, I began to walk it and having arrived half- way sat down on the central stone. I turned off the torch and I leant against the oak to look at the wonderful starlit sky. The dogs nearby were barking furiously as often happens in the wood during the day and above all at night and I could also hear those of Issiglio.

I was sitting watching the stars and trying to make my toothache go away when I suddenly heard the rustling of leaves behind me. I was incredibly afraid that it might be a wild boar (seeing as there are lots in the wood at the moment) and as I turned round to see I heard someone call me in a guttural voice: it was obvious that the name was mine, and also because I felt a resonance like a call inside of me. Suddenly I saw him there, the black gorilla, two meters tall, just outside the spiral, scarcely standing out from the darkness of the wood and I felt an enormous emotion which began to sweep through me in ever increasing concentric waves and a sudden heat (which remained in my body for hours afterward).

My heart was beating furiously and I felt I would explode with the heat and the emotion but it was an amazing sensation of reciprocal recognition, an all enveloping charge of love. It was clear that he remembered me and I him after so many years, and it was a great pleasure to see each other again and I felt a grand sense of loving and reassuring welcome arrive from him, which made me feel an agonizing sense of love, like that of the Eighth Quesito or a reply from the Oracle. He communicated in guttural sounds but above all on an inner level by means of emotion. An incredible and beautiful emotion that I do not know how to describe. Enkidu gave me a message to give to Falco, in a language I did not know and traced gestures in the air that I did not see very well. Then he left an object for Falco on the ground (the name of Falco was guttural but very clear as a sound) and then finally he turned round and after one or two steps disappeared into the night, swallowed by the dark, just as suddenly as he had materialized. Also on an energetic level it felt as though he was no longer there.

I wanted to immediately run to Falco and tell him everything but that would have meant cutting across the spiral and it was clear to me that I had to complete it, so with great emotion I made my return and as soon as I had completed it I went to see what the gorilla had left. On the ground I found a large bident made of copper facing the direction of Aval. Traced on the ground was the sign of the bident among the leaves and at its center a stone, a piece of quartz of a very unusual color. There was also the strange smell of a wild animal that always accompanies Enkidu when he arrives in the form of a gorilla, one that I have often experienced over the years.

As soon as I arrived home I wrapped the stone in a black cloth to take it to Falco who I had already advised of my strange encounter. My toothache had disappeared, my mouth felt sore but no longer hurt, though I still felt incredibly hot and agitated with the intense emotion. I felt stunned and I had to drink an entire bottle of water perhaps to compensate for the heat. M. who was on duty at Tin was the first to see me after my encounter and said she thought the dogs had barked all day because they sensed Enkidu was arriving and she made me notice that all the dogs had now stopped barking and there was total silence in the Wood. I learnt later that Falco had announced that he was materializing Enkidu in the Wood and when I telephoned him, he had responded in a sneaky and funny way.

Falco after my account took the crystal to the Temple straightaway and asked me to tell him as soon as possible everything I could remember about the encounter. In fact I had not told him about the sounds I had received as a message for him. That night I dreamt of Enkidu and he repeated the sounds and said “Listen they have a rhythm, they are easy to remember”.

Another curious thing happened later: returning home I found a silver fox in the middle of the road in front of Tin, quietly standing still, he stopped to look at me and then went slowly on his way by crossing the spiral with the stone chair.’


Posted to Ce.S.A.P:  2008/06/24  20:17 under the title Re: L’altra faccia di Damanhur – 3 il mistero di Enkidu

One might be forgiven for saying that the stories of alien apparitions are just simple witticisms, mere trifles in the life of the Damanhur Community. That justification could appear valid to those who do not know the Community very well, but those who live in Valchiusella know it only too well. The day after, her encounter, the same ‘great writer’ of QDq, again in the daily paper, increases the dose and in a new article adds details and comments that give a clear idea of the weight this aspect has in the life of Damanhur.


Lots of Dreams, obvious traces (by E.G.)

Many people contacted me all day yesterday to tell me their feelings about my encounter with Enkidu and to ask me to give them more details. Likewise many people are dreaming about Enkidu and want to share their dreams.

All of this is very lovely and I think it is making us more united and I have been thinking about all the things that have excited us over the years that have helped us to make leaps forward as a People. I was reflecting too on the fact that Enkidu made me feel an intense emotion and sense of love and that these are just the points indicated by the Eighth Quesito and that one feels this sentiment spread throughout the People even more thanks to his appearance. In short, he is an alien friend that always comes to help us not only to bring Falco messages but also to bring increased awareness to everyone.

Yesterday when I went into the Wood in the full light of day to the place where Enkidu appeared I discovered the following: one can clearly see the point at which he materialized. It is perhaps three steps behind where I first saw him. All the leaves are disturbed and from there to the point where he placed the bident, a pathway can be seen clearly made by something cumbersome and heavy. The bident is, as you see in the photo clearly visible and the signs traced by the gorilla also pointed out its shape. From the side I only heard the noise of the leaves rustling at that particular moment and I did not hear any presence approaching before then, so that makes me think that Enkidu had only just materialized; also the air was energetically strange and dense and it transformed as soon as he dematerialized. I felt his presence was no longer there from the moment he turned towards the darkness in the background and disappeared. Also all the dogs in the area, as I wrote yesterday stopped barking and as I was walking away I turned around several times to see if perhaps he was still there, I no longer felt his presence. Anyone who wants to go and see the site can do so. The traces are still visible.

Various people from Tin have been to take a look. I also found recognizable fox feces on a stone that marks the gate for entering the Wood, a little after the spiral with the stone seat. They are also clearly visible.

We report from Tin, that tonight the dogs have been barking furiously again in the direction of the Wood so we suppose that Enkidu is still roaming around these parts.’

Note the use of the plural in the last phrase. Who notes? Who supposes? Who – the heads of the Community who manage the daily paper perhaps?


Posted to Ce.S.A.P:  2008/06/24  20:23 under the title Re: L’altra faccia di Damanhur – 3 il mistero di Enkidu

One could perhaps object and say that this journalist is writing of her own convictions which have nothing to do with the rest of the Community or that the editorial line is not decided by the spiritual guide, the great master ‘Falco’. Everyone can write what they want in a daily paper open to all contributions…what a shame that only a few days later, Qui Damanhur Quotidiano in a triumphant tone of voice fires onto the front page:

‘Falco is asked the reason for the presence of the gorilla


A contribution to the experimentation of the new installations.

The alien friend of Falco in the guise of a gorilla has materialized several times the last few days. The latest news, as we reported, was of his appearance in Viaggio last weekend where he was presented to all the travelers (one of whom with great emotion also touched him as she wanted)’

(Remember that the ‘Viaggio’ is a magic journey in the personal motor home of Falco to which Damanhurian women are warmly invited to participate…for more information see the related thread…who knows which parts of Enkidu the fortunate woman got to touch!!)

‘After the brief presentation, where no one lifted their gaze to look him in the eyes, everyone moved back towards the motor home. Someone turned round and saw him running with his long arms dangling and his body bent over rather than in the erect position of human beings. Curiously, as Falco revealed last night, it was also the anniversary of the day when Enkidu had touched P. years ago. The gorilla in his physical form then climbed aboard Falco’s motor home where he dematerialized or was ‘re-absorbed’.’

(Or maybe he took off his costume???)

‘To the question regarding why Enkidu was here in Damanhur; Falco replied that he was needed for research and also for experiments to verify the capacity of the selfic equipment in the motor home.

“We did a series of trial materializations, as we have at other times…this time among other things he also tried to smell, in particular T. and Q. who he already knew. His presence here serves to test the many energies and the new selfic installations in the motor home. He is also part of this research field.”

At the end of the evening Falco showed E.G. and others who were curious, the photographs he had taken of Enkidu with his cell phone in the motor home. Enkidu it seems was not frightened of being photographed because the cell phone had no flash, also the fact that he was alone with Falco would have meant that he had no reason to be frightened.

In the last few days many people have reported to QDq that there has been an increased succession of images, references and advertising services referring to gorillas, as often happens with respect to themes which are inserted into collective thought along the Synchronic Lines.’

Perhaps Enkidu has begun to do ads for Crodino in order to supplement his salary?


Posted to Ce.S.A.P:  2008/06/24  20:34 under the title Re: L’altra faccia di Damanhur – 3 il mistero di Enkidu

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