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MondoRaro -Why Airaudi is considered demonic

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Let’s also talk of the devil and what is meant by the word.
Why do many people who leave Damanhur and almost all of the citizens of Valchiusella define Airaudi as ‘demonic’ and think badly of Damanhur? There are many reasons for it and they are the result of more than 35 years of living with a reality that has created disaster after disaster.
Do you realize, those of you who are reading, that during its 35 years of existence, Damanhur has conducted more than 90% of its earth moving works without any authorization and this includes work on the ‘Temple of Humankind’ as it is now called. That Damanhur has increased its land holdings by stealing council terrain (moving boundary fences by night), usurping the land of other people and inducing fear in the citizens of the Valley. That local people, out of fear, have always had to maintain a conspiracy of silence concerning the facts. That Damanhur has moved residencies from one Council district to another to conquer votes and insert its people into Council Administrations. Do you realize that the Council of Vidracco has been administered by Damanhur for the last ten years and during that period almost all the activities of the village have died and the Town Hall is now exclusively used by Damanhurians. Damanhur has colonized the few things that are left with disastrous results for the district and Vidracco residents have become totally imprisoned in a condition of impotence.

I will continue with why Airaudi is considered demonic…
Other than this, repeating in synthesis what has been expressed in various other articles: all those who enter Damanhur lose everything they own and their relationships with their family; they no longer have time for a personal life. They become victims of a system that Airaudi has imposed over the years and which, upon entering, they are light years away from understanding! From the moment you unsuspectingly sign up, you become a slave of the Meditation School (the path said to be the esoteric knowledge of Damanhur) and you are forced to do everything that is ordered by your superiors and if you do not obey you are publicly punished during Meditation School evenings on Mondays or Tuesdays. You lose your freedom… in addition Airaudi instills in you that if you leave Damanhur you will lose your soul, you will feel ill, you will no longer live a happy, healthy life and this will include all of your family.

I will continue with why Airaudi is considered demonic…
If you do not learn the things that the great guru teaches, you can never reach enlightenment, so if you do not learn to raise the demons of the underworld, the entities of the air, or send messages via the spheres to ‘control’ the Catholic Church, the Italian Government and others, you will never become a true Damanhurian. In addition you have to buy a ‘personal self’, otherwise you cannot have a career inside the nation of Damanhur. Prices start from 5,000 euro to 10,000 euro per person! And if you leave? You lose everything and are left with nothing. This also applies to Airaudi’s selfic paintings. If you have bought a painting costing 1,000 Euro and you want to sell it, 20% of the sale has to go to the great guru Airaudi otherwise you are not allowed to re-sell it! That means you have given him 200 Euro for nothing. Far more rewarding than black marketeering and the mafia!!!

I will continue with why Airaudi is considered demonic…
Damanhur has built ‘eco-compatible’ houses in Vidracco opposite Damanhur Crea. These eco-compatible houses are sold on average at a value of 1,200 euro per square meter, when local market prices range from around 600 per sq meter and ecological houses cost from 800-1,000 euro per sq meter in the same area. Unfortunately the Damanhurian houses have foundations and garages built out of reinforced concrete, which produces high levels of airborne dust; they have low levels of insulation and do not meet any ecological standards. But guess who is the major investor and profiteer with regard to these buildings – Airaudi! I ask myself were they built to benefit others or just to make money.

I will continue with why Airaudi is considered demonic…
In the internal school the children of Damanhurians are constrained to learn what Airaudi says and no one can oppose it. Everything is controlled by his ‘trustworthy men’ who report back to him on a daily basis on what everybody does and says and on the basis of that information you obtain, or not, favors, permissions or other things! It is mind control by the book.
Do you want to know why Damanhur is still going? It’s simple; Airaudi has used everyone’s money to pay lots of people so that he is not ‘disturbed’ and can carry on doing exactly what he has always done.
I will add just one final point to remind you why Airaudi is considered demonic:
All of the women that he takes to bed with the excuse of being a spiritual guru: mothers and daughters, wives of Damanhurians, women already pregnant by other men who are blackmailed psychologically and spiritually and coerced into having sex with him – and last but not least, because the children born of those relationships are never told that he is their father!
This is why Airaudi is considered demonic!
And those who do not denounce everything they know are guilty of aiding and abetting and, on a human level it will not be enough to say that you are sorry, to get out of what lies in wait for you.


Posted 18/02/2010 16:53 to http://www.mondoraro.com as a comment on the article by Gianni Leone entitled ‘la-religione-di-avatar-nata-in-piemonte-una-bugia-colossale’


Written by damanhurinsideout

February 21, 2010 at 6:47 pm

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for all the information. I am not surprised, but I have few questions, which I thought you might help me to answer:

    If everyone in Italy knows about Damanhur, why all eco-village/community web sites are promoting them?
    Why the last RIVE annual meeting was hosted by Damanhur?
    Why sites such as http://www.aamterranuova.it, are promoting Damanhur?

    Is it possible that all those organizations are “created and supported” by Damanhur?
    Or do they simply ignore the facts?



    Orilea B.Estar

    September 24, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    • Hi Orilea
      RIVE and Damanhur have always had an ambivalent relationship. Members of RIVE feared the power of Damanhur and kept it at arms length for many years. Probably economic considerations have helped to smooth over the differences or there has been a change of leadership in RIVE.
      Many web sites promote Damanhur without ever doing any real research or talking to former members. You have to remember that Damanhur brings in the punters…there is much interest in it and there is money to be made. In the end Damanhur is about money and nothing else…YOUR MONEY!

      DIO Editor


      October 16, 2012 at 5:52 pm

  2. I would like to know more about the story behind controlling the Catholic Church, if possible, could you redirect me to a link where this subject is detailed, or give me a brief explanation? Thankyou in advance.

    “If you do not learn the things that the great guru teaches, you can never reach enlightenment, so if you do not learn to raise the demons of the underworld, the entities of the air, or send messages via the spheres to ‘control’ the Catholic Church, the Italian Government and others, you will never become a true Damanhurian.”


    March 3, 2014 at 10:32 pm

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